A Nation Embracing Cycling

The statistics say it all: one million two hundred and seventy thousand New Zealanders of all ages now ride.

We ride road cycles, mountain bikes, and BMX. We ride to work, we ride for fitness and fun, and we race.

Over seventy-five thousand of us, from kids to veterans, took part in events last year; twelve thousand in a single event, the internationally recognised Contact Lake Taupo Challenge.

There are seven thousand licensed competitive cyclists, inspired by our current elite cyclists such as Greg Henderson, Jack Bauer, Hayden Roulston, Jesse Sergent, Sarah Walker, Marc Willers, Anton Cooper, Linda Villumsen, Aaron Gate and Eddie Dawkins.

New Zealand is a nation with a passion for the pedals, a nation that's taken cycling to its heart and it is Cycling New Zealand's mission to ensure cyclists of every age and ability are given the opportunity to participate, develop, compete and perform right up to the highest international level.