Organisational Documents

Here you can find copies of Cycling New Zealand documents, including annual reports, and AGM Minutes.

Road and Track, MTBNZ, and BMXNZ organisational documents can be found in the "Read and Learn" area of the appropriate section (or click on the code above to go there now).

Cycling New Zealand Policies and Documents

Cycling New Zealand Constitution (Adopted 24 May 2015)

BikeNZ AGM Minutes 2015

BikeNZ AGM Minutes 2014

BikeNZ AGM Minutes 2013

BikeNZ AGM Minutes 2012

Cycling New Zealand Major Events Strategy 2011-BikeNZ Major Events Strategy 2011-2015

Cycling New Zealand - A Nation Embracing Cycling

Annual Reports

BikeNZ Annual Report 2010/2011

BikeNZ Annual Report 2011/2012

BikeNZ Annual Report 2013 - 10MB

Cycling New Zealand Annual Report 2014 - 5 MB