Bike Road and Track

Bike Road and Track (BRT) is the member organisation responsible for both Road and Track cycling in New Zealand.

The council is made up of volunteers. Council members are either voted in annually or two yearly, at the AGM in May/June. The Council has the ability to co-opt members as required.

The Bike Road and Track Council (below) meets regularly throughout the year. Minutes of the meetings are sent to Clubs and Centres, and are available to view online in Organisational Documents

Matters that members believe need to be discussed can be forwarded to the Chairman.

President - Steve Canny

Vice President - Steve Hurring

Immediate Past President - Ivan Aplin


Coaching and Junior Development - Graham Bunn and Garry Bell

Membership (Clubs and Teams) - Steve Canny and Ivan Aplin (Clubs and Centres, Growth and Development) and Mark Ireland and Brian Roulston to focus on Trade Teams.

Events and Awards - Steve Hurring and Mike Sim

Technical Panel - Mark Ireland, Erin Criglington and Graeme Bell

Sports Management - Steve Canny,Ivan Aplin, Steve Hurring, and Mark Ireland

High Performance - Garry Bell

Women in Cycling - Erin Criglington and Ivan Aplin

Safety - Ivan Aplin