Club / Group Affiliation

As part of affiliation to Cycling New Zealand, clubs and groups receive comprehensive Liability Insurance. For further information please refer to the documents below.

Comprehensive Liability Insurance Policies for Clubs/Affiliates

Cycling New Zealand Affiliation Form - if you are a club wanting to affiliate, or to renew your affiliation, please contact

Please note that affiliating clubs must be either Incorporated Societies or Charitable Trusts.

The Incorporated Society and Charitable Trust structures protect individual members in certain situations and give your organisation the right to sign contracts, lease premises, operate bank accounts, and apply for government grants.

Incorporation of a club means that it becomes a legal identity separate from its individual members. Put another way, the association is considered by law to have a distinct identity that continues regardless of membership.

The benefits of an incorporated societys structure include:

  • the ability to create documents in the clubs name
  • the ability to enter into contracts in the clubs name
  • the ability to buy, sell, own, lease and rent property subject to the clubs rules
  • the ability to borrow money and give securities subject to the clubs rules
  • the ability to sue and be sued in its own name.