Frequently Asked Questions

This section provides information on the most frequently asked questions regarding membership issues.

If you require further assistance please email

Frequently Asked Questions

I can't seem to log in

Your email address is your login name. If you are having trouble resetting your password, please email and we'll help solve the problem.

Please note that because your email address is your login, each individual member must have their own email address.

Where do I find my Membership/Licence Number if I haven't received my card yet?

Your membership number can be viewed on the left hand side of your dashboard, under your profile picture (the number is in the format NZ20#####).

If you need to enter an event prior to receiving your card, you can provide this number, or a copy of your receipt as confirmation.

How do I know which Age Category I'm in?

Login to your profile. From your dashboard, to the left and just below your name, you'll see your age category listed separately for Road and MTB (Senior, Masters 1 etc).

Please click here to view a full list of Road Race Age Categories.

How do I obtain an International Licence?

Once you have a National Elite membership, please fill out the UCI International Licence application and send it to along with a jpg photo of yourself. We will process this and post out your licence. There is no additional charge for this to National Elite members.

Please note that U19 (National Youth) do not have to upgrade to National Elite - instead there is a $50 charge to upgrade your licence to international status. Please refer to International Licences for more information.

How do I obtain a technical licence?

Technical licences have now been replaced by technical endorsements, which can be added to any Local licence or above. This is so that you can have everything on one licence, rather than multiple licences that you have to keep track of.

If you are a commissaire, coach, soigneur, mechanic or team manager who requires a technical endorsement, please email and we will add it on to your Local licence or above once confirmed.

I use a family email address and it won't let me log in?

Because your email address is your login, each individual member must have their own email address.

You can set up a free Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo or other email address.

Alternatively, if you have a child who you do not want to have their own email, most email accounts will allow you to set up "alias accounts", which is an alternative email address that points to an existing user account (ie your family email address.)

Please see the account or settings menu in your email for more information.

Can I be a member of more than one club?

You are welcome to join as many cycling clubs as you like, but please be aware that only one club can be your primary club, which is the club you represent at regional and national events.

All other club memberships are considered associate memberships.

Your primary club displays as the first club on your licence - if a club other than your primary is listed first please contact so we can reissue your card with the correct details.

How can I change my primary club?

If you wish to change your primary club, and represent another club/centre at regional and national events, you first need to seek clearance and approval from your existing club and centre.

Once you have approval, please contact us directly at so we can make the necessary checks and then change your primary club on your profile.

How do I add an event to the Cycling New Zealand Event Calendar?

To add an event to our calendar, login to your profile and then select "Events and Rides" from your dashboard.

Click on 'Add an Event' and fill in the details of your event, including the event name, date, location, and a brief description. Please include either an email address or website for people to refer to for more information/entry to the event.

Once you've added the event, it comes through to us for review - we check the details and then publish to the public calendar.