International Licences

International UCI Licences are for all New Zealand riders who wish to race overseas. Read more below.

Please note, a minimum of 2 weeks is required for your International Licence application to be processed (once all required information is received). Postage time is not included in this time frame.

For Adult Riders (Over 19): If you require an UCI International Licence to race overseas, please upgrade to National Elite online, fill out the UCI International Licence form and return it to us as per the details on the form along with your jpg photo and insurance (see below for insurance details). If you already hold a National Elite membership, you will need to complete the UCI International Licence form. There is no extra cost to pay for your international licence - this is covered by your National Elite membership.

For Under 19 Riders: It costs $50 to upgrade to an National Youth International licence (providing you already hold a National Youth Membership). Please complete the UCI International Licence form.

According to UCI Cycling Regulations relating to International Licences (1.1.011) the licence should be taken out in the country where you have your main residence, so it is possible for you to take it out in another country.

International Licences for Under 17 and Under 15 Riders:

The UCI do not require U15 & U17 riders to have International Licences. By implication obtaining travel insurance with appropriate Medical cover and Personal Liability cover is not mandatory. However, Cycling New Zealand strongly encourages all people that are riding overseas to take out appropriate Travel Insurance for the duration of the period they are overseas, whatever their age or International Licence status. Cycling New Zealand recommends the Travel insurance product offered by Apex/Sportscover and more information on this product can be found here .

International Technical Licences

A Technical Licence caters for Commissaires, Coaches, Managers, Mechanics and Soigneurs and allows licence holders to attend International Events in an official capacity. If you have a Local licence or above, your international technical licence will be free. If you dont hold a Cycling New Zealand paid membership, your technical licence will attract the published fee of $50.

Please note that you must be a Cycling New Zealand accredited coach to hold a coach endorsement on your licence.

To apply for an international technical licence, please fill out the UCI International Licence form. Insurance requirements do not apply for technical licences.


UCI requirements state that appropriate insurance must accompany the purchase of an International Licence. In accordance with UCI guidelines. Cycling New Zealand will not issue a rider an International Licence until proof of appropriate insurance cover has been provided.

According to UCI Cycling Regulations relating to International Licences and Insurance (1.1.022) appropriate insurance should include;

Insurance for bodily injury (in and out-patient hospital expenses and medical care, transport costs, permanent disablement, death) and material damages (loss of earnings) in case of accident on the occasion of a cycling competition or during training

Third-party liability insurance for material damage or bodily injury caused to others in the course of a competition or cycling event or during training

Cycling New Zealand endorses the International Travel Insurance product provided by Apex/Sportscover and is satisfied it meets UCI requirements.Riders are also free to organise their own insurance coverage to accompany the purchase of an international cycling licence.

If a rider organises insurance through Apex/Sportscover, they must provide Cycling New Zealand with a copy of their Insurance Certificate before an International Licence will be issued. If a rider organises their own insurance, two insurance documents must be provided to Cycling New Zealand before an International Licence will be issued, (1) a letter from the insurance company to Cycling New Zealand, stating that "this insurance covers the nominated rider for $20 million or greater medical coverage and $1 million personal liability while cycle racing and training (outside of NZ)"; and (2) a copy of the Insurance Certificate that has been issued to the Rider.