The Langkawi International Mountain Bike Challenge 2013

Type: Open
Level: All Levels

Race Distance:

Sep 30
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Sep 30 - Oct 05

LIMBC Registration

Monday 15th October 2012 (0800hrs-1100hrs)


Monday 15th October 2012 (3pm) Saturday 20th October 2012

Langkawi Jamboree (fun ride)

Sunday 14th October 2012 40km


CATEGORY I Men's Open: Open to men aged 19-39 years
CATEGORY II Women's Open: Open to women aged 19 years and above
CATEGORY III Masters Men: Open to men aged 40 - 49 years
CATEGORY IV SENIOR MASTERS: Open to men aged 50 years and above

LIMBC 2012 is limited to 500 race participants across all four categories.