Young BMX brigade make their mark in Australia

28 Jan 2013

BikeNZ's young BMX brigade impressed without reaching the podium on the second day of the Probikx UCI event in Perth day.

Pukekohe's Trent Woodcock-Takarua was the best of the elite men in sixth place in the elite mens competition.

It followed the first day success when Cody Hobbs (Te Awamutu) won the junior elite final and Christchurchs Daniel Franks was third in the elite men.

"We came here to get in some good racing to gain experience for this young development group," said BikeNZ's BMX programme leader Ryan Hollows.

"We have had two very good days of racing and it gives us a platform to build on.

"The 2013 season is going to be huge for our sport and we are aiming produce great results when we host the world championships in Auckland in July."

In his first year out of the junior ranks, North Canterbury's Trent Jones impressed to be second fastest in the time trials, only 2/1000ths of a second behind top qualifier Anthony Dean (Australia).

He went on to win his three-race moto ahead of Franks, while Woodcock-Takarua was second in his motos as the trio qualified for the semifinals.

The Australians dominated in the semifinals with Franks and Woodcock-Takarua squeezing into the last spots in the final.

Dean gain proved too strong in the final to win the double this weekend, with Woodcock-Takarua sixth and Franks given seventh although he crashed heavily in the final.

Te Awamutu's Ryan Lewis impressed in winning his qualifying motos in the elite junior category, placing third in his semifinal but he had to settle for seventh in the final.

Saturday's winner Hobbs did not race today after cutting his hand badly in racing yesterday. He continued to win his class yesterday but the hand was stitched and he was unable to race today as was Gisborne's Nic Fox after a recurrence of an elbow injury.

The squad head back to New Zealand where they will focus on the upcoming trials to gain finals pots in the New Zealand team for the world championships.

Day 2 results:

Elite men, time trials: Anthony Dean (AUS) 32.298, 1; Trent Jones (Kaiapoi) 32.300, 2; Luke Madill (AUS) 32,338, 3. Also NZers: Trent Woodcock-Takarua 32.515, 6; Daniel Franks 32.517, 7; Kurt James 33.541, 12;

Moto qualifying: Moto 2: Jones 4 points, 1 (2, 1, 1); Franks 7, 2 (1, 2, 4). Moto 3: Madill 3 points, 1 (1, 1, 1); Dirk Winter (AUS) and Woodcock, Takarua 9, equal 2 (4, 2, 3. Moto 4: Matthew Juster (AUS) 3, 8; Thomas Hubert (AUS) 8, 2; Darryn Goodwin (AUS) and James 10, equal 3.

Semifinal 1: Dean 1, Muster 2, Goodwin 3, Franks 4. Semifinal 2: Josh Callen (AUS) 1, Madill 2, Hubert 3, Woodcock, Takarua 4. Also: Jones 5, James 7.

Final: Dean 1, Juster 2, Callan 3. Also: Woodcock-Takarua 6, Franks 7.

Junior, time trials: Ryan Lewis 34.768, 12; Donald Ross 41.797, 18;

Moto 2: Ross 13 points, 5. Moto 4: Lewis 6, 1 (1, 4, 1).

Semifinal 1: Aaron Nottle (AUS) 1, Joshua Smith (AUS) 2, Lewis 3.

Final: Nottle 1, Jordan Lecher (AUS) 2, Smith 3. Also: Lewis 7.