• Riders who are requesting entry into international events where Cycling New Zealand, as the National Federation, has entry jurisdiction are required to apply through the 'International Event Entry' process (in addition to any selection criteria). You can access the process here.


  • Riders who are travelling or are intending to travel internationally as individuals and/or where no entry to events is required to be made by Cycling New Zealand are advised to review the “Guidelines for International Travel” issued by Sport NZ on 24th March, with specific attention to Section 3 and the advice that should be considered prior to any departure from NZ. We recommend you review the following in relation to your intended event to ensure you fully understand the risk of travelling to your intended event/destination at this time:
  • What planning is in place by Event Organisers to identify and control risk. 
  • Advice from MFAT, Sport NZ and other government departments 
  • Information for www.safetravel.govt.nz 
  • Covid-19 or other pandemics 
  • Terrorism, Social or political instability  
  • The global pandemic environment (including consideration of domestic and global vaccination programmes) 
  • The ability for NZL citizens to return to New Zealand
  • Advice from Chubb Travel Smart
  • Advice from an independently appointed risk assessment professional  
  • World Health Organisation recommendations and statistics  
  • Availability and scope of international travel insurance  

Click here regarding Covid-19 response plans for domestic events.

For information about Play, Active Recreation and Sport under COVID-19 Restrictions click here.

For more information about the Covid Protection Framework please visit the Unite Against Covid-19 webpage here.

Click here to see the New Zealand Ministry of Health Covid-19 Vaccine rollout plan. 

We recognise this situation is fluid, in a constant state of change and appreciate your support.  Please check the following websites for updated information:

Click here for HPSNZ 

Click here for Sport NZ

Click here for Safe Travel

Click here for Ministry of Health

Click here for Unite against COVID-19

Click here for IATA Travel Centre

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