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UPDATE: 15.04.2020

As a consequence of COVID-19 and the ongoing uncertainty around gatherings and travel restrictions, Cycling New Zealand has decided to hold its AGM via video conference.  The AGM will commence at 11:30 am, half an hour later than was originally advertised. 


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Cycling New Zealand Incorporated


To: Members of Cycling New Zealand Incorporated


Notice is hereby given that the 17th Annual General Meeting of Cycling New Zealand will be held as follows:


Date: Sunday May 24th 2020

Time: 11.30 am (not 11:00 am as previously advertised)

Venue: Video Conference


All Individual Members (as defined in clause 35.1 of the Constitution) and Delegates of Member Organisations (duly appointed in accordance with clause 24.15 of the Constitution) are eligible to attend the Annual General Meeting along with Board Members.


The links below include the:


The Annual Report, including the Chairman’s Report and Chief Executive’s Report, will be sent out electronically before the AGM.



Please complete the attendance form and email back to by Friday 8th May 2020.



  1. Opening
  2. Attendance and Apologies
  3. Confirmation of eligibility to vote
  4. Proxies
  5. Confirmation of Minutes from previous year
  6. Chairperson’s Report 2019
  7. Chief Executive’s Report 2019
  8. Annual Report and Financial Statements for year ending December 2019
  9. High Performance Sport New Zealand – Michael Scott
  10. Appointment of Scrutineers (if required) – Wayne Maher from High Performance Sport New Zealand will fill the position of Returning Officer
  11. Appointment of Independent Auditors
  12. Election of Board Members and Ratification of Appointed Board Member
  13. Remits
  14. General Business
  15. Closing



  1. The Board Appointments Panel will be advertising for one (1) Appointed Board Member. Jenny Gibbs first term is coming to an end. Jenny is eligible to be re-appointed.


  1. We are calling for nominations for the position of one (1) Elected Board Member prior to the Annual General Meeting. Cath Cheatley is currently filling the casual vacancy created by Kevin Searle’s resignation in October 2019. Nomination form is attached to this Notice and should be sent to Cycling New Zealand CEO not less than 30 days prior, by Friday 24th April 2020. Cath is eligible to be re-elected to this position.


Notices of any Motions must be received no later than Friday 24th April, 2020 by email to


  1. Only the following persons are eligible to vote at the Annual General Meeting:
    1. Member Organisations – Each MO shall be entitled to one (1) vote provided the MO has complied with the requirements specified in the Constitution.
    2. The Chairperson but solely for the purposes of a casting vote.



Jacques Landry

Chief Executive

Cycling New Zealand