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Our Quest for Purpose

Our quest for purpose began with wanting Cycling New Zealand to be much more than what it is today. It was a desire to have a purpose that goes beyond just what we do. It was a need that went beyond high-performance programmes, overseeing the sport of cycling, and undertaking community projects.

We wanted our purpose to describe why we exist. We wanted to share what links us all together - athletes, employees, volunteers, stakeholders and the wider community.

In our quest to describe our purpose we considered where we want Cycling New Zealand to be in 10 years time so that we can start the journey towards that, today. However, we didn't go through this alone. We engaged with the wider cycling community and asked them to share their hopes and views for the future of cycling in New Zealand. 


We seek a purpose that binds us together and we thank all those who have contributed to this journey. 


Remembering our Ecosystem

At the heart of our eco-system is people. People of all ages who engage in the possibilities that cycling offers. They use bikes to commute, enjoy the outdoors, participate in sport and in some cases strive for the ultimate achievement in competitive performance.

Our eco-system is immense and diverse, covering all forms of cycling – Road, Track, Cyclocross, BMX, Freestyle, MTB XC & Downhill & Enduro, E-bikes and many more.

Surrounding the heart of our eco-system is a community of people and organisations that share in our purpose. These include our Member Organisations, clubs, partners, sponsors, local government bodies, bike shops, advocacy groups and others.


A purpose for all- Unlocking People Potential

A purpose is like a star that guides our direction of travel. It is something for people and organisations to follow. Our purpose binds us together, no matter what the current strategy or immediate priorities might be. It is the reason we exist and what we strive to achieve. It creates a sense of strength and resolve.

Our purpose for cycling in New Zealand is Unlocking People Potential. At the heart of our purpose is seeing the value in people for who they are today and who they could become in the future. We see potential in all ages, stages and forms of cycling. We see people potential in every aspect that our sport provides; from kids learning to ride, mechanics preparing race bikes, coaches working with teams, and athletes performing on the world stage.

The sport of cycling in New Zealand is all about unlocking the potential in people.


Our Story

Cycling has a long and vibrant history in New Zealand, fostered by the communities that represent each code - Road, Track, MTB, BMX & Cyclocross.

Cycling New Zealand itself was established in 2003 as the national sporting federation, embracing all forms of cycling - all cycling codes, all participation and competition at all levels.

Cycling New Zealand’s role is to work closely with national bike and cycling organisations to set a platform for strengthening cycling opportunities in New Zealand and provide long-term direction for the sport. That is why we decided to host this Purpose quest on behalf of the wider eco-system. We see ourselves with an ongoing role of holding the space for everyone to contribute and craft how we use it to guide and inspire us day to day.

We will also continue to invest in high-performance programmes, athlete development programmes, sporting pathways and community initiatives.

We see success as:

  • Growth in participation and broader membership
  • More role models for cycling
  • Increased international medal success
  • A strong and robust eco-system

Check out the Purpose Presentation by clicking here.