Cycling New Zealand is grateful for the support of its sponsors, partners and suppliers that help enable the ongoing development and success of cycling in New Zealand.


Principal Partner: 

APL Window Solutions

APL is New Zealand’s leading windows supplier.  A privately-owned company based in Hamilton, APL was started in 1971 and markets its products through the national brands, Altherm Window SystemsFirst Windows & Doors and Vantage Windows & Doors.
Through the Principal Partner relationship, APL provides support across the spectrum of Cycling New Zealand activity, with specific alignment to the Elite Track and Road teams through their Vantage Windows and Doors brand.
APL also supports a number of national championship events, extending the reach of their support across the country.


Performance Partners: 

Southern Spars

Southern Spars specialises in the design and construction of carbon fibre spars and components, rigging and rig servicing. They are an industry pioneer and built their first carbon spar in 1990. They are headquartered in Auckland and their operation extends to four corners of the world with centres in the USA, Denmark, South Africa, Spain and Sri Lanka and they employ more than 350 staff worldwide. 

Southern Spars partner with Cycling New Zealand to provide wheels to the New Zealand Track Cycling Team.
The innovative new track wheels are the result of a three-way collaboration, bringing together Southern Spar's engineering and carbon fibre production knowledge, Cycling New Zealand's sport-specific knowledge and dedicated data technology support from HPSNZ.


Champion System

As one of the world’s leading custom sports apparel manufactures, Champion System have a strong focus on leading-edge design, constructed with the highest quality materials and manufacturing methods. As one of the few manufactures with their own production facilities, there is unparalleled control over quality and production lead times.
Champion System has an extensive custom cycling and casual apparel range are continually evolving products to provide leading; technical, modern and performance-oriented garments to meet the needs of high-performance athletes.



KASK provides helmets for the Vantage Elite Track team.
KASK, based in Italy, specializes in developing, designing, and manufacturing of safety helmets of the highest quality. In every field of application KASK helmets are at the forefront, be it skiing, cycling, mountaineering, equestrian, rescue or safety world.
Created in 2004, KASK is a relatively young company, but with a talented team of expert engineers and partnerships with Italy's market-leading factories, in this short time, the company has gone through a tremendous evolution and has been awarded with prizes like ISPO and Eurobike. 


Vittoria Tyres

Vittoria is a world-leading performance tyre brand and sponsors the Vantage Track team. Vittoria has a history of continuous improvement and innovation which fits well with Cycling New Zealand's performance philosophy.  The product fits seamlessly alongside our innovative Southern Spars Carbon fibre wheels and the performance picture is building nicely for the next Games”.



House of Travel

House of Travel is the national travel provider to Cycling New Zealand.
As well as providing Cycling New Zealand’s travel requirements for the High-Performance athletes and teams domestically and internationally, House of Travel will also offer travel packages for Cycling New Zealand members and supporters throughout New Zealand.
Moving bikes, equipment and people around the globe is a huge logistic task and Cycling New Zealand needed a partner that had the connections and experience to make this happen seamlessly.  The House of Travel partnership is a great opportunity to provide our team with flexible travel options to ensure they and their equipment arrive at their destination fresh and ready to compete no matter where they are in the world.


Government and Trusts:

High-Performance Sport New Zealand

Cycling New Zealand and High-Performance Sport New Zealand (HPSNZ) have a close working partnership, focused on providing the frameworks, resources and support that underpin the ongoing success of our sport on the global stage.  HPSNZ support enables Cycling New Zealand to provide an optimal training and performance environment and allow our elite athletes to reach their peak.


Sport New Zealand

The partnership between Cycling New Zealand and Sport New Zealand focuses on enabling New Zealanders of all ages and abilities to participate in and enjoy cycling, for skills development, confidence and competence, for sport, recreation and wellbeing.



We also acknowledge the support of the following individuals.

  • Dianne Manson, Photographer - Nationwide Images New Zealand
  • Guy Swarbrick, Photographer 
  • Robert Jones, Photographer