The sport of BMX can be quite simple on the face of it. We ride bikes on a track & first across the line wins. But get involved & the sport has many details that it is hard to take them all in or know what is out there to follow.
The Guidelines of the Sport is being built with the idea of being a single reference point for all things BMX on & of the track.
These documents will continue to evolve as the sport changes or as updates to the detail comes through.
If you have any questions regarding the subjects listed here, please contact BMXNZ on
1 - BMXNZ, Regions & Clubs
2 - Membership & Licencing to Race
3 - BMXNZ Conduct Charter & Codes of Conduct
4 - BMX Sport Definitions
5 - BMX Number Plates
6 - BMXNZ Strider Plate Template
Kiwi Sprocket Rockets
Meeting Formats & Regulations
Island Titles - North & South
10 - National Series
11 - NQMs - National Qualifying Meetings
12 - Mighty Elevens Test Team
World Championships Qualifications
Annual Trophies
National Championships Trophies
North Island Titles Trophies
17 - Basic BMX Skills
18 - Basic BMX Training
19 - Officiating the Sport
20 - Life Membership and Patrons