Nominated Qualifying Meeting (NQM) 
Meetings that riders must complete a set requirement to be able to attend the Nationals. Click here to view your NQM Allocation for the current year.
What is an NQM
An NQM is a National Qualifying Meeting. Meaning that a race meeting has been noted by BMXNZ as a meeting where the rider can compete to take a step in Qualifying for the National Championships. Each completed NQM meeting is one NQM, where riders need a MINIMUM of four(4) NQMs to qualify for Nationals.
NQM Dispensation Process
As per the rules of the sport, any missed NQM can be made up by applying for an NQM dispensation. These dispensation applications need to include reasoning why the NQM was missed, why the application should be accepted, the riders involved in the sport & riding experience.
Each NQM dispensation has a fee & is charged if the dispensation is accepted.
This is not a “buy an NQM” process.
Offshore based riders with New Zealand citizenship may attend Nationals only if they apply through the NQM Dispensation process & are accepted by the Officiating Team.
To apply for the NQM dispensation, please click HERE