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BMXNZ Regulations regarding two-piece helmets and MTB Enduro style full-face helmets

All helmets must conform to the BMXNZ regulation 2.024. The two-piece helmets and MTB Enduro style that are allowed to be used for BMX racing MUST be designed & sold permanently fixed together as a one-piece helmet. Helmets with removable chin bars are not acceptable. These types of helmets MUST also meet or exceed the active ASTM International Testing Standard.

As of July 2018, this is - ASTM F2032-15 BMX.


BMNXZ notes that the two-piece helmets listed below are not designed or made for BMX racing, so while meeting an international impact standard, BMXNZ do not recommend their use for BMX racing.


Two-piece helmets known to meet the above requirements for use in BMX racing are as follows;


- 2018 Troy Lee Designs Stage

- 2017/18 MET Parachute


As the other two-piece or MTB Enduro style helmets meet all the BMX requirements noted in the BMXNZ regulations, they will be added to the above list.