Wanting to start or renew a subscription for ProChip/ Flex Transponders?
Follow this link to create or login to your account and the rest is easy.
Enter your personal details you supplied to MYLAPS to register your transponder.
From there you can update your details, name your transponder, remove a subscription. Download Flex Manager & redeem a subscription card or even by a subscription.
Please note the Transponders connect to you PC, but they do not recharge. The battery is a single life battery & if it runs out, the transponder is replaced under the lifetime warranty.
Transponder on bike installation
Each transponder with its unique number is motion activated to transmit. The transponder should be mounted on your front fork (either side) with two strong cable ties to secure in place. The transponder is required to be mounted on the outside of the fork (not the inside).
It is recommended to attached the transponder with the cap facing up. But you can buy a cap from BMXNZ should you lose one.
Bike Types & Transponders
BMXNZ will require each of your bikes being raced to have its own transponder. So if you ride 20" & Cruiser at the BMXNZ major events, each bike will need their own transponder.
SPROCKETS and Transponders
Riders UCI7yr & under will not be requiring transponders for any BMXNZ Major Meetings. All riders UCI8 & above riders will need transponders for all Regions Championships and BMXNZ Major Events.
Reselling Transponders
If you are buying a used Transponder or reselling your one, there are few things to think about. All transponders have a subscription, if you are buying a second-hand one does it still have a subscription left? If so, ask the owner to show you online what is still active, especially if this is part of the sale price. Then all transponders are also registered to the owner, so this needs to change. If you are the original owner you can contact MYLAPS to have your detail removed from the transponder before you sell it. If you are buying a second-hand transponder you need to contact MYLAPS to make sure it is free from the previous person's ID and then register it to your own ID. If you the buyer needs to change the registration, then you need to contact MYLAPS with the previous owner's name & e-mail address, so this can be removed. This is a security process to stop stolen transponders being reassigned & resold.
You can contact MYLAPS on this link  -  www.mylaps.com/about-us/contact-mylaps/
MYLAPS Warranty Policy and Replacement
The general conditions of sale and delivery of MYLAPS apply to this warranty policy. These terms can be found at www.mylaps.com/en/termsconditions. This document contains the primary warranty regulations and the warranty periods for MYLAPS products.
1. General conditions for warranty
Within 14 days after a defect in the functioning of the equipment has been found the defect must be reported in writing to MYLAPS. The buyer is responsible for shipment of the equipment to the New Zealand MYLAPS Distributor via BMXNZ.
MYLAPS will examine the equipment after receipt. When MYLAPS finds a defect in the equipment, it will repair this defect if possible. If the repair of the equipment is not possible, then equivalent equipment will be made available if the equipment is still within the warranty period.
When the warranty period of the equipment has passed, MYLAPS shall contact the buyer to discuss the alternatives for repair or replacement.
If there is no defect in the functioning of the equipment detected, MYLAPS shall contact the buyer to discuss the alleged malfunctioning. If the equipment is to be returned to the buyer, this will be at the expense of the buyer.
If the equipment is visually damaged, the warranty does not apply; except when this is explicitly mentioned. If the malfunctioning of the equipment is caused by carelessness, negligence, willful misconduct or recklessness, the warranty does not apply. The equipment has to be used in accordance with the rules in the manual at all times. Firmware on decoders, systems or servers has to be updated until the most recent version. For other and additional warranty regulations, MYLAPS refers to the general conditions of sale and delivery.
2. Warranty ProChip FLEX transponders
MYLAPS guarantees the functioning of the ProChip FLEX transponders without any time limitation under the following conditions.
  • Buyer has an active subscription;
  • The subscription period of the transponder has not been interrupted for more than three months;
  • Buyer extends his subscription for at least one more year;
  • Visual damage is allowed under the insurance program; for example, due to fire or damage caused during normal use;
  • The transponder is used in accordance with the rules in the manual;
  • The damage to the transponder is not caused by carelessness, negligence, willful misconduct or recklessness;
3. Warranty Returns
If have a warranty issue, please contact BMXNZ on admin@bmxnz.co.nz & we will action a replacement for you.
If you need help please e-mail the following admin@bmxnz.co.nz