You can order your BMXNZ approved MYLAPS transponder(s) through the order link above. Once ordered please make payment to the BMXNZ account as noted in the detail on the form. Once the payment has been confirmed in the BMXNZ account, your order will be released for despatch.
Delivery will be approximately 3-5days after payment confirmation.
**Please note requirement to indicate Rural Delivery if you are a Rural Address.


There is a TWO step registration process for you transponders. First is the MYLAPS registration, the second is the BMXNZ registration.
Step ONE
**Note - if you already have an existing Transponder & used in racing you do not need to do this part.
Log on to MYLAPS at
Create an account & add in all your details.
You will need to download the ProChip FLEX Manager App to your computer, plug you transponder into your computer & follow the process on there to activate your transponder. The program will confirm your registration & advise that "Everything is OK"
There is more info on this on the "Transponder Information" page here at
Step TWO
**Note - ALL riders MUST do this for existing & new transponders
Log on to your BMXNZ Rider Portal Page at
You will need to use a password to access this if you are NEW you won't have one so just follow the "I forgot my password" link. On the next page, click on the help desk e-mail & have for a password refresh link.

Once this is done, you can log in to the portal. In the portal are various pages, but there are two critical ones for this transponder process...
Rider Profile - check all your details are correct
Transponder List - add your transponder number(s) to this list in the correct places.
Then there is other rider information on this portal, so have a look around.
Once these two steps are done, everything should be great.
See you at the racing!!
If you need help please e-mail the following