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Check out our membership options below:  


Schools Licence Free* + club fees 
  • For Cycling New Zealand Schools members who wish to take part in club events outside of the schools system.
  • Club fees only payable,  Centre and Cycling New Zealand fees are waived
  • Eligible to race in club racing + National Road Series events (excluding National Championship events)
  • Those wishing to race Inter-club (non NRS events), centre and National Championships require a Cycling New Zealand Youth Licence
  • Personal Liability insurance cover**
  • Membership profile and online access
  • Regular eNewsletters
  • Read more here

Domestic Licence

  • Eligible to race in club, regional and national races (Road, Track, Cyclo-Cross & Mountain Bike)
  • Eligible to race in other events requiring a Cycling New Zealand Licence
  • Personal Liability insurance cover**
  • Membership profile and online access
  • Regular eNewsletters

Youth (Under 19)

$35* + club & centre fees

Adult (19 years +)

$65* + club & centre fees
International Licence  
  • Eligible to race in UCI International events overseas
  • Eligible to race in club, regional and national races (Road, Track & Mountain Bike)
  • Eligible to race in other events requiring a Cycling New Zealand Licence
  • Personal Liability insurance cover**
  • Membership profile and online access
  • Regular eNewsletters
Youth (Under 19) $90* + club & centre fees
Adult (19 years +) $175* + club & centre fees

Technical Licence

(Domestic or International)

Non-rider Licence 


A Cycling NZ Technical Licence caters for Commissaires, Managers, Coaches, Mechanics & Team Staff by allowing licence holders to attend events in an official capacity.

  • Personal Liability insurance cover***
  • Membership profile and online access
  • Regular eNewsletters

* Please note: processing and card fees apply to all licences. 


2020 memberships are valid until 31 December 2020. 


Clubs are where it all begins, and are integral to getting the most out of your cycling. Whether you are a serious cyclist or just getting started, through clubs you can connect with like-minded cyclists, coaches, regional club events and other cycling support to get the most out of your riding.

During the membership registration process, you will be able to join your local club.


Primary and Secondary Clubs

You can join as many cycling clubs as you like through the online process, but only one club can be your primary club. This is the club you represent at regional and national events. All other club memberships are considered secondary memberships. 

Your primary club displays as the first club on your licence - if a club other than your primary club is listed first please contact membership@cyclingnewzealand.nz  



Being a licenced Cycling New Zealand Member gives a rider access to events throughout New Zealand, from club racing to National Championship events.  There is something for every level of cyclist from the elite to recreational and the young to the young at heart.  Contact your local club to find out about events, activities and rides.

All information regarding Cycling New Zealand National Events can be found in our Events section.


Schools Licence

A Schools Licence is available to riders from Cycling New Zealand affiliated schools.  A club fee is payable, however, centre fees and Cycling New Zealand fees are waived. This licence will enable riders to participate in club level activity including National Road Series races (excluding National Championships).  For those riders wishing to race in inter-club, centre or national championships they will need to upgrade to a Youth licence.  Read more here


Liability Insurance

As part of paid Cycling New Zealand memberships, riders receive public liability insurance.

The policy provides licensed riders cover for any damage to a third party property or persons that they are found legally liable for by their actions whilst riding, this is extended to cover whilst competing in races.

For more information about who and what scenarios are covered please click here.



Nationwide Discounts

Your Cycling New Zealand Membership also provides access to many discounts from nationwide providers.  Information on this will be provided on receipt of your membership card.

Please note: 

If you're a citizen of another country and do not hold NZ citizenship, please check the nationality recorded in your membership profile. if it is incorrect, please email us at membership@cyclingnewzealand.nz


What is a UCI ID? 

As a Cycling New Zealand member you will be issued a unique UCI ID - an 11 digit number. UCI ID's follow members throughout their cycling life, either as a rider or an official. This will enable the UCI to track each rider's results, ranking and career, or each official's prior races, reports and training. Your UCI will remain the same year-to-year, as will your New Zealand Licence number

Can I use my Technical Licence for racing? 

No, you must upgrade your technical licence to a domestic or international licence for racing.


I ride for my School - is this a Schools LIcence? 

No, you are considered a Schools Member.  To receive a Schools licences you must log in here and complete the licencing process.  You can read more here.


Can I use my Schools Licence for racing National Championships? 

No, Schools licences are only for club level activity (plus non-championship NRS events).  For any inter-club, centre or national championships must upgrade your schools licence to a Youth Licence. You can read more here


I've already paid my Club Fee to my club directly, what should I do?

Please contact us at membership@cyclingnewzealand.nz letting us know which club you've joined, and we'll let you know your next steps! 


Do I need an International Licence for racing in New Zealand? 

No, a domestic licence is sufficient for NZ licence holders to race in New Zealand.


When should I upgrade to an international licence, and how do I do this?

You should upgrade to an international licence if you are going to be racing overseas. To upgrade your licence, simply log into your membership profile.

Please note: international insurance meeting UCI requirements, along with a head and shoulders photo for your licence card will be required before your card will be issued.


When can I expect my licence card in the mail?

License processing generally takes 2-3 weeks from time of registration. Your license will be mailed to the address provided. Please print a copy of the email confirmation received from CNZ as proof of purchase until your license arrives in the mail.


Help! I urgently need a copy of my licence, what should I do?

When applying for your licence, simply select Cycling NZ’s ‘urgent processing’ option, and we’ll process your licence ASAP! Our target for delivery is 3 - 4 business days. Please allow 4 - 5 business days for Rural Delivery.