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About Clubs

Clubs are where it all begins, and are integral to getting the most out of your cycling.
Whether you are a serious cyclist or just getting started, through clubs you can connect with like-minded cyclists, coaches, regional club events and other cycling support to get the most out of your riding.

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Event Resources

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Club Affiliation

As part of affiliation to Cycling New Zealand, clubs receive comprehensive liability insurance.
Comprehensive Liability Insurance Policies for Clubs:


If you are a club wanting to affiliate, or to renew your affiliation, please contact membership@cyclingnewzealand.nz
Clubs must be either Incorporated Societies or Charitable Trusts. See the Sport New Zealand guide to help your club through this process.

MTB Club Affiliation

The Cycling New Zealand constitution reflects the UCI’s affiliation & membership requirements.  In the past few years, MTBNZ and Cycling New Zealand have managed this with a transitional approach.  In 2017 we will be giving full effect to this cascade affiliation model to ensure all MTB clubs are affiliated to MTBNZ, as well as Cycling New Zealand.  
We have made the following adjustments to the affiliation process to effect these changes:


Step 1: MTBNZ Affiliation
The MTBNZ affiliation fee is determined by 2016 financial membership numbers (a family constitutes one financial member).   The process is as follows:
A. MTBNZ emails club requesting 2016 membership numbers
B. MTB Club confirms membership data and types to MTBNZ
C. MTBNZ invoices MTB Club for affiliation fee
D. MTB Club pays MTBNZ affiliation fee
The MTBNZ affiliation fee is a tiered system:
I. MTB Club 0-59 members – flat fee of $150 
II. MTB Club 60-499 members– $5 per Adult / Individual Member or $10 per Family Membership (any combination of memberships) – to a maximum of $1250
III. MTB Club 500+ members – $1,250 + the following for members above the 500 cap:  
    • $1 per Adult / Individual member or;
    • $2 per additional Family Membership (any combination of membership type) – to a maximum payment of $3,500
Step 2:  CNZ Affiliation
Cycling New Zealand will email clubs a link to an affiliation form and invoiced the flat rate affiliation fee of $225.  This fee is unchanged from previous years and provides clubs with full liability insurance.
Step 3:  Affiliation Certificate & Insurance Details
Once Steps 1 & 2 have been completed, a 2017 affiliation letter and insurance certificate will be distributed to each club (email and hardcopy).  The insurance policy will also be published in the Clubs section on our website www.cyclingnewzealand.nz.
Click here to read the full document explaining the process and the background behind the MTB Club affiliation change.
Key Contacts:
MTBNZ – Kim Hurst - Secretary – tommi_steeles@hotmail.com 
MTBNZ - Chris Arbuckle - Treasurer – chris@aspiringenvironmental.co.nz
Cycling New Zealand Membership - membership@cyclingnewzealand.nz

Health & Safety

Please take some time to read through the guidelines and information on policies and procedures around duties and responsibilities in relation to health and safety here