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AON Insurance Information

Who this cycling product is designed to cover and other important notes:
This insurance is designed to cover cyclists while training for and/or participating in a UCI cycling event, as well as those participating in casual/leisure cycling overseas.
You should take out the insurance for the entire period of travel - from the date you leave NZ to the date of return. We recommend you do not take out the policy solely for the period of the cycle competition.
This product meets the UCI Cycling Regulations (1.1.022) for those training and participating in UCI race events to ensure appropriate coverage for overseas costs related to bodily injury (including loss of income) and third party liability claims.
Activities covered
  • Road cycling, Track cycling and Mountain biking
  • BMX (is included though currently not stated in wording)
  • Expedition bicycle touring, leisure cycling
Bicycles - Limits and Baggage
  • Cover for your bicycle when it is lost, stolen or damaged to a maximum of NZ$6,500 ($500 excess per event)
  • Bicycles must be properly packaged for the trip (packed in a hard casing which provides adequate damage protection such as framing and/or foam lining)
  • You must report any loss or theft to the police or responsible Public Transportation provider within 24 hours and provide AON with a written record prepared by the police or Public Transportation provider at the time the loss or theft is reported
  • The product will also cover para-athletes and disabled riders whose modified bike(s) do not fit the current definition of 'Bicycle'
Who this cycling product is NOT designed to cover:
Professional competitions or sports means any sport where you receive a fee, allowance, monetary sponsorship* or monetary reward as a result of your participation, which in totality accounts for more than 15% of your annual income from all sources.
*Monetary sponsorship is defined as intangible expenses e.g. accommodation being paid for, but does not include equipment sponsorship.
If your needs are not covered under this policy, we may have an alternative facility to cover your journey. Please contact jason.bodmin@aon.com or call 027 237 0490 to discuss. 


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Insurance Claims and General Queries

In the unfortunate event that you have to make a claim or have a general query, please make contact below:
Jason Bodmin – Aon New Zealand
027 237 0490