Base Solutions Racing

2022 Riders
• Carne Groube
• Hugo Jones
• Joel Yates
• Daniel Bridgwater
• Caleb Bottcher

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Cabjaks 3

Cabjaks-Castelli Custom - Women

Cabjaks-Castelli Custom Womens Cycling Team is a NZ based women's team dedicated to supporting the development of talented young riders for both road and track cycling events.

2022 Riders
• Ainsley Thorpe
• Ally Gothard
• Bee Townsend
• Hannah Knighton
• Holly Ffowcs Williams
• Isabelle Bannister
• Jodie Blackwood
• Maia Barclay
• Penny Pawson
• Tessa Jenkins
• Tiree Robinson

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Cabjaks v2

Cabjaks Castelli - Men

Auckland based cycling team proudly representing Cabjaks & Castelli #cabbyjs

2022 Riders:
• Corby Price
• Greig McDonnell
• Dan Barclay
• Ollie Grave
• Shaun Woods
• Ben Madsen
• Noah Costar
• Ben Hamilton

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Fruzio Ilabb Devo

2022 Riders:
• Adam Bidwell
• Max Preece
• Maui Morrison
• Josh Parsons
• Will Crawford
• Noah Hollamby
• Marshall Erwood
• Jaxson Whyte
• Lewis Bower
• Finn Wlson
• Jayden Kuijpers

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Black Magic

Ilabb Black Magic

2022 Riders:
• Grace Anderson
• Lee Boon
• Ellie Parry
• Kim Cudzow
• Rhylee Akeroyd
• Jaz Mcleod
• Seana Gray
• Bonnie Rattray
• Muireann Green

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MitoQ Development

MitoQ Development is the development team to MitoQ NZ Cycling Project a UCI Continental team. Our team is aimed at developing and supporting New Zealand riders chasing their cycling goals.

2022 Riders
• Carlo Worrall
• Elliot Robertson
• Tim Chapman
• Anthony Chapman
• James Wilson
• James Gardner
• Eddie Adams

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Oxford Edge

Oxford Edge Cycling Team

Established in 2017, the team has become one of the most respected cycling teams in New Zealand. Our team's objectives are to prepare the next generation of junior cyclists for international success and life after cycling. We focus on the person, not just the results.

2022 Riders
• Richard Lawson
• Bailey O'Donnell
• Guy Yarrell
• Josh Rivett
• Cathal Guiney
• Jaxson Whyte
• Michiel van Heyningen
• D'Arcy Sanders
• Charlie Hegan

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RushVelo-Ridley cycling team is a local based trade team helping to support and develop youth, elite and masters athletes to achieve their sporting goals and to maximize their potential by utilising the highest quality cycling equipment and products currently available on the market.

2022 Riders
• Christian Rush
• Daniel Cross
• Lachlan Robertson
• Matthew Wilson
• Juan Navarrete
• Arno Van Hattem
• Darien Rush
• Maddison Rush
• Liyan Du

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SJ 2

Southern Junior Development Team

2022 Riders
• Carter Guichard
• Eli Tregidga
• Hugo Sinclair
• Magnus Jamieson
• Max Good
• McKay Watson
• Tom Kerr

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St peters

St. Peter's Cycling Team

The St. Peter's School Trade Team provides a national-level development pathway for students at the school. The team competes in a national race calendar across all disciplines with a focus on teamwork and process.

2022 Riders
• Ella Ryan
• Sahasya Yerramsetti
• Millie Wright
• Frankie Wright
• Jordan MacCarthy
• Olly Taylor
• Lewis Johnston
• Flynn Underwood
• Georgia Tuck
• Adrian Hegyvary
• Rushlee Buchanan

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Team Couplands - Booths Group

Team Couplands - Booths Group is an elite level men's cycling team based in New Zealand.

2022 Riders
• David Martin
• Adam Martin
• Ari Scott
• Glenn Haden
• Keegan Hornblow
• Liam Cappel
• Madi Hartley-Brown
• Mark Langlands
• Matt Webb-Smith
• Toby Evans
• Tom McCallum

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Team Talleys

Team Talley's - Kiwi MTB Collective

Team Talley’s – Kiwi MTB Collective was formed to support development of talented New Zealand XC MTB athletes. Enabling and empowering them to progress successfully onto the international stage. Ultimately supporting the growth of the sport in New Zealand.

2022 Riders
• Ethan Woods
• Cameron Jones
• Mia Cameron
• Matthew Wilson
• James Officer
• Cam Anderson
• Josie Wilcox
• Amelie MacKay
• Annabel Bligh
• Anna Bristow
• Maria Laurie
• Katie Ramage
• Ben Wilson
• Sonia Foote
• Tom Filmer
• Ethan Rose

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Velo Project

Velo Project

Velo Project is an elite level women's road cycling team based in New Zealand.

2022 Riders
• Kirsty McCallum
• Annamarie Lipp
• Jenna Borthwick
• Maadi Douglas
• Prudence Fowler
• Brea Roderick
• Ella Wyllie

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Registering your Trade Team with Cycling New Zealand is a great way to get national recognition for your team, your riders, and your sponsors. 

Benefits Include:

  • Eligible to ride in team kit at national events * 
  • Eligible to have team name recognised in official results *
  • Team name and confirmed riders listed on the Cycling New Zealand website
  • Confirmed riders eligible to have team listed on their Cycling New Zealand Licence
  • Featured (at least once per year) on Cycling New Zealand social media

 * See the rules and regulations of each code to confirm what events this includes


Click here to register a Domestic Trade Team in 2022.