Coaches can be the key that unlocks potential, supporting athletes to develop skill and strategy, and understand the science behind their training and development.
To support the strength of coaching available to cyclists, Cycling New Zealand offers courses and coach training at all levels for Road, Track, Mountain Bike, and BMX. We also deliver instructor training, growing a network of support to help enable more people to get into cycling, and perform at the level they aspire to.


Cycling New Zealand is continually exploring new and more effective methods to develop coaches and coaching expertise, as well as creating a new philosophy around learning.  There have been some very exciting and well researched developments in the coach education field both in New Zealand and internationally, and we have been making sure we have kept up-to-date with these developments and aligned ourselves with best practice in order that we are not falling behind in the continuous developments in this field.
If you would like more information, would like to book workshop dates or would just like to chat about the proposed programme then please contact Cycling New Zealand Education Manager, Chris Foggin on or 027 507 5393.


Cycling instructors are a key enabler for more people to build the foundation skills and confidence to participate in and enjoy cycling.  
Cycling New Zealand works with regional partners to deliver instructor training, empowering regions with the knowledge, resources and best practice for growing participation in cycling across the country.  
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Cycling New Zealand has developed a coach learning network, with a mentor system to support coaches at all stages of their development, and to continue growing the breadth of cycle coaching across New Zealand.  
This approach aligns with world best practice in coach development, and prioritises greater individualisation and the establishment of a coach learning network, rather than the traditional linear path underpinned by a hierarchical tiered coaching system - in essence moving from 'teaching environment' to a 'learning environment'. 
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Cycling New Zealand are offering a professional development opportunity for all accredited coaches from all cycle codes in the form of a Coaching Symposium. This is an extension from previous opportunities Cycling New Zealand has offered and will suit coaches from any level of experience. 
The symposium will run on Friday 17th November from 2pm-6pm, Saturday 18th November from 9am-5pm and Sunday 19th November from 9am-3pm.
The theme for the symposiumn will be the development of the athlete/rider as a whole and will be interweaved with subjects such as skill acquisition, nutrition at different stages, age appropriate training, psychological charactieristics, developing motivation, and learning and coaching models. 
There will also be panel discussions with Cycling New Zealand High Performance Coaches and athletes as well as inputs from HPSNZ staff.
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