Coaches can be the key that unlocks potential, supporting athletes to develop skill and strategy, and understand the science behind their training and development.

To support the strength of coaching available to cyclists, Cycling New Zealand offers courses and coach training at all levels for Road, Track, Mountain Bike, and BMX. We also deliver instructor training, growing a network of support to help enable more people to get into cycling, and perform at the level they aspire to.

In 2020 we surveyed coaches to better understand what we can do to develop coaches (across codes) throughout New Zealand. Gratefully we had an enormous response, and this has informed our planning for 2021. Four key themes that came out of the survey were:

  1. Coaches want to see a visible pathway of opportunities to develop.
  2. Coaches want us to provide best practice (code specific) technical and tactical information.
  3. Coaches want us to provide more detailed information on how to manage diverse groups of riders.
  4. Coaches want us to provide mentoring and on the job experiences.

In response to this we have detailed a frame and this years development opportunities. The framework shows visible opportunities to develop. It is by no mistake that development  takes many opportunities and practice. The opportunities highlighted below are provided through Cycling New Zealand, however others can be self-initiated with your club, centre, region, or through other sports, coaches or industries. By experiencing all of these learning environments you will discover what you want and need to work on to develop your coaching.

Last update: 19/02/21

The following coach development opportunities are coming up. Check in regularly to see more opportunities added to the list.



Who for


Registration links

March 9th

Trainingpeaks forum

Targeted development coaches

Road and Track


March 11th 


Coach development Forum, at the Avantidrome, Cambridge

Age group, school and development coaches

Shared learning session on coaching age group, school and development riders


March 24th




Sprint – nationals debrief and developing riders



HUB intern applications

BMX and Track coaches

On the job experience with HUB coaches

More information to follow

April TBC Webinar All BMX skill development and the off-season Link to follow
April 19-21st Coach development conference Targeted development coaches  Road, Track, BMX, MTB  
April 28th TBC Facilitated observation All BMX  Link to follow 
May TBC  Webinar Women in cycle coaching  Women in cycle coaching - barriers, opportunities and progressing your coaching  Link to follow
June TBC Webinar Age group, school & development coaches Road focus Link to follow
June TBC National Track series workshop, Invercargill All Track More information to follow
July TBC National Track series workshop, Cambridge All Track More information
August TBC Webinar All BMX pre-season Link to follow
September National Track series workshop, Cambridge All Track More information to follow


Framework for developing as a coach:

 Learning environments  What is available
 Formal courses
  1. Cycling New Zealand coaching courses
  2. Cycling New Zealand webinars
  3. Cycling New Zealand workshops such as the National Track series
  4. Regional sports trust coach development workshops
  5. Online courses
  6. University short courses and degrees
  7. High performance sport New Zealand
  8. Sport New Zealand
Campaign learning - learning from others at events, and coaching at events that are challenging for you (beyond your current comfort level)

Examples include:

  1. A club coach coaching at national championships
  2. A regional coach coaching at an international event such as Oceania champs
  3. A development performance coach coaching at an international event such as a World Cup
Experiential learning - on the job coaching and learning from coaching

 Examples include:

  1. Volunteering for schools, clubs, teams, centres or facilities. Or coaching individuals.
  2. Applying for a Cycling New Zealand HUB internship
  3. Learning 'on-the-job'
Observational learning - watching others

Examples include:

  1. Observing other coaches coach cycling or another sport
  2. Watching your local club event and reflecting, what are the demands of the event? What are the athletes doing? What do I need to do, to help prepare athletes for the demands of the event? Is what I am currently doing to reflect the event demands?

 Examples include:

  1. Organise a coffee with a cycling coach you admire, or a video call and chat to them
  2. Getting another coach to observe you coaching (they can be a cycling coach, or another sport coach) and give you feedback
  3. Organise to talk to a Cycling New Zealand coach development mentor
Cross-sport/industry learning

Examples include:

  1. Online, workshops or in person learning with teachers, leaders and other industries
  2. Spending time with other sports coaches and other sports organisations