Cycling New Zealand is continually exploring new and more effective methods to develop coaches and coaching expertise, as well as creating a new philosophy around learning.  There have been some very exciting and well researched developments in the coach education field both in New Zealand and internationally, and we have been making sure we have kept up-to-date with these developments and aligned ourselves with best practice in order that we are not falling behind in the continuous developments in this field.


Coaching Course
Open to all coaches either new or experienced. If you are new to coaching or wish to get involved then this course takes you through the CNZ coaching philosophy and principles, through to becoming formally accredited. The course is of benefit to all even if you are experienced at coaching. If you are already accredited then these courses are a great professional development opportunity. There is no cost to previously CNZ accredited coaches however there is a fee for new attendees.
Schools Cycling Coaching Course
Again as per the standard coaching course however with a little more emphasis on coaching/training youngsters. Open to all however we would like to encourage parents, teachers or school coaches to attend this course. Accreditation is the same as the Coaching Course and there is a fee to attend.
BMX Commissaires Development Workshop
This is an opportunity for recently authorised BMX Commissaires to gain knowledge and information around the subject of language, communication and dealing with conflict. Also for gaining understanding of the CNZ Child Protection policy and our duty of care. We will also offer these workshops to R&T and MTB Commissaires on request.
Coaching Workshop Tour
The CNZ Education team will travel to different regions to deliver professional development on a face to face basis. We will also offer this as a one-off or demand basis.  
R&T Regional Commissaires Course
Entry level into the R&T Commissaire world. A one day course which is technically and practically based.
R&T Elite National Course
This is for experienced R&T Commissaires and is invite only.