On 23 March 2020, the Government advised any event that includes public congregation are to be cancelled in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. The country will be at Alert Level 4 from 12am Thursday 26 March.  This will apply for at least the next 4 weeks, starting from 23 March 2020.

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This information supersedes the below statements from the below Member Organisations.  


Cycling New Zealand advises clubs and event organisers follow the recommendations and advice from government agencies and other relevant authorities such as local councils to assist them to make any decision around the continuation of cycling events and activity.

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In addition to the above guidelines please see below for Position Statements from our Member Organisations:

Cycling New Zealand Road and Track

If your event does not fall within these government guidelines for ‘public events mass gatherings’ and you have received no official advice from other authorities, we recommend your ensure you have considered your own risk planning prior to proceeding. 

Some things to consider in this planning may include:

  • The health and wellbeing of those associated with the event
  • Can you hold the event in line with the Ministry of Health recommendations regarding social distancing?
  • Ensure you have provided all those associated with the event the latest information on who should not attend any event of any size and how to minimise the risk of gettings sick at an event of any size.
  • The amount of people attending include registered riders, volunteers, officials, organisers, spectators and members of the public.
  • Will you still be able to attract the required number of volunteers to deliver a safe and fair event?
  • Confirm any essential services such as first aid, traffic management or timing are still available to attend to support a safe and fair event?
  • Update your risk register with identified risks and the mitigations in place.
  • Share your risk register with contracted services and others to ensure they are aware of the mitigation you have in place.
  • The availability of additional hygiene support as recommended by the MOH.
  • Review group activities such as prize-giving/extending race pack collection.
  • Reviewing non-essential additional services such as massage or food vendors
  • Develop a communication plan to ensure you are able to reach all stakeholders including riders, contractors, council, officials, volunteers etc.
  • Would you be able to postpone or would you need to cancel
  • Review what the financial and/or reputation impact of cancelling or going ahead would be
  • Will people still enter or actually turn up if you go ahead?
  • Prepare key timelines to ensure you are making timely decisions and ensure you are regularly communicating with your stakeholders.
  • Reviewed your refund policy in advance of any cancellation announcement so you are prepared in the event of cancellation?
  • If your event is going ahead as planned then ensure that the latest MOH advice on attending events is shared to all your stakeholders
  • Updating your emergency response plan (including your response if someone at the event develops symptoms associated with Covid-19)


General Advice

We encourage all members to remember the following behaviours to help maintain good hygiene:

• Wash hands regularly with hand soap for more than 20 seconds and use fresh paper towels or air blowers to dry hands;
• When coughing or sneezing, ensure that you do so into the fold of your elbow.
• When using a tissue to blow your nose, dispose of the tissue immediately and refrain from placing tissues back into pockets or bags;
• Maintain Physical distancing - means remaining 1 metre away from other people, or if you are closer than 1 metre, being there for less than 15 minutes.
• Avoid touching your face with your hands; and
• Do not touch surfaces that may be at risk of being contaminated.


If you decide that your event or club activity you should consider the following restrictions:

• If riding two abreast, be aware of the physical distancing guidelines
• Limiting groups or bunches to 10 or fewer riders
• Ensuring all riders are self-sufficient in case of mechanical issues
• At cafes, maintain appropriate social distancing and keep helmets, gloves and sunglasses away from tables.

Please note these recommendations may be updated frequently over the coming weeks and months, and we encourage people to keep abreast of these expert recommendations through official channels.  Click HERE to access the link.