Shaane Fulton

Road & Track

Born in 2000

Age: 20

Based in Cambridge


Best race results:

  • 5th Keirin 2020 Oceania Championships
  • 3rd Keirin 2019 UCI C1 Festival of Speed 
  • 1st 500m TT with a big PB just 0.03 outside the National Record, clocking 34.239 at the 2021 National Championships

Number of years cycling:

16 since I started racing at my local junior races in Nelson, 9 years since I raced my first track nationals

Did you ever consider other sports:

I always loved sports growing up and dabbled in the likes of swimming, netball and athletics but I never loved them like I loved cycling.

Race result I'm most proud of and why: 

I think at the moment it would have to be this years 2021 National Championships, I really surprised myself in the 500 and even the Non-Championship standing lap that was run at the start of the event. I ended up coming away with 3 National Titles which felt pretty surreal. More than anything it solidified to me that I'm tracking well for the events and years to come. 

What are your goals for the next 12 months:

To keep building from the work I put down last year and keep working hard in the gym and on the track so I can produce some good performances and put forward a strong case for Commonwealth Games Selection next year.

What is your favourite food:

I'm a shocker for pasta, I haven't had it in a while.. probably for the best. 

Where is your favourite place in the world:

I'm going to say Montichiari, Italy. This was my first experience of long haul travel and I was heading over to my first Junior Worlds in 2017. While travels been restricted over the past while I haven't travelled as much as planned so for now, this is my favourite place.

What is the best piece of advice you've ever been given:

My mum always tells me to "do what you love and always be you" shortly followed by "Just get on with it".

What is one thing you are hoping to get out of the Vantage Sprint Development Programme this year:

The Vantage Sprint Development Programme will provide us with the tools we need to help us tick off the goals we all have in mind. I think this is a great stepping stone.  


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