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Cycling New Zealand Road and Track Council (CNZRT) and Cycling New Zealand work together to grow and develop road and track cycling, through promoting participation and membership, development pathways, securing and administering national and international level competition.  
As the sports’ member organisation, CNZRT represents members and interfaces with Clubs and Centres regularly.  CNZRT has a volunteer-based executive, where members are either voted-in or co-opted.  The executive meets regularly throughout the year; any matters to be raised with CNZRT should be directed through a Club or Centre, or raised directly with the Council President.
CNZRT Organisational Documents
Cycling New Zealand Road and Track Council Structure:
President - Steve Hurring
Email - lyn.steve.hurring@xtra.co.nz  Phone - 0273898949
Vice President - Mike Sim
Email - m.sim@gns.cri.nz Phone - 0274310622
Immediate Past President - Steve Canny
Email - seacanny@gmail.com Phone - 021516347
Technical Panel - Mark Ireland (Convenor), Graeme Bell and Erin Criglington
Events - Mike Sim, Andy McKay, Steve Hurring and Erin Criglington
Coaching  - Garry Bell, and Graham Bunn 
Membership - Mark Ireland
Development & Pathways – Graham Bunn, Garry Bell
Sport Management - Steve Hurring, Garry Bell, and Mark Ireland
Women in Cycling - Erin Criglington 
Panel Contacts:
Garry Bell: Email - garrybell@clear.net.nz Phone - 0272735238
Graeme Bell: Email - gabell@xtra.co.nz Phone - 0274953553
Graham Bunn: Email - bikecoach@gmail.com Phone - 0212819625
Erin Criglington: Email - erin.criglington@crowehorwath.co.nz Phone - 0211342294
Mark Ireland: Email - mark.ireland@xtra.co.nz Phone - 0274152863
Andy McKay: Email - Andrew.McKay@bdo.co.nz Phone - 0274797091

Council members portfolios

Graham Bunn - North Island Representative
Erin Criglington - South Island Representative
Andrew McKay - Masters

Cycling New Zealand Road and Track Organisational Documents

If the document you require is not listed below, please email us at info@cyclingnewzealand.org.nz
Rules and Regulations Council Meeting Minutes
AGM Minutes Centre Contacts

Rules and Regulations


AGM Minutes


Cycling New Zealand Road and Track Council Meeting Minutes


Cycling New Zealand Road and Track Centres

For the purposes of administering the Sport, CNZRT is divided into the following districts:
AUCK Kelvin McAnalty         cyclingauckland.inc@gmail.com        021662662
NORT Stuart Bell                 stu.bell@xtra.co.nz                         021625115
CANT Leanne Creighton        lmc@paradise.net.nz                         0272541010
OTAG Louise Kennedy         info@cyclingotago.co.nz                     0274730182
ECNI Ray Brown                 ecnicentre@gmail.com                 0220369339
MSCC Jaquie Fitzsimons         fitzyjaquie@hotmail.com                 0274399330
SOUT Melissa Chilton         office@cyclingsouthland.org.nz         0212779219
WBOP Graeme Bell                 gabell@xtra.co.nz                                 0274953553
WELL Peter James                 jageno@hotmail.com                         02040299198
WCNI Kim Anderson               secretary@wcni.org.nz                 0272972009
TSMN Duncan MacKenzie      duncandoit@gmail.com                 021377317

NZ Track Records

Click here for a copy of the Elite & U19 Track Records
Click here for a copy of the Age Group & Masters Track Records