29 February 2024


Final Update from the Cycling Integrity Steering Committee (CISC)

The Cycling NZ Integrity Steering Committee (CISC) is pleased to make its final report to stakeholders on the continued progress towards transforming the culture of Cycling New Zealand (CNZ).

The Transformation Plan 2024 (TP2024) has formed the foundation of this far reaching and ambitious drive to transform the culture of CNZ and continue to build trust and confidence with stakeholders. The Plan was developed in response to the Heron, Leberman et al 2022 CNZ and High Performance Sport (HPSNZ) Inquiry. This is the seventh independent update by CISC to stakeholders directly.

The CNZ Board appointed a CISC to oversee the implementation of the actions in response to the Heron Inquiry recommendations for the transformation of CNZ. CISC has operated at arm’s length assessing and reporting progress in terms of CNZs implementation of the Plan, which has ensured a transparent, high integrity, assessment of the work plan. Info about CISC and the Plan can be found at https://www.cyclingnewzealand.nz/about-us/transformation-action-plan/.

The CISC, comprised Chair, Hon Kit Toogood KC, Transformation Director Kereyn Smith CNZM, athletes Jaime Nielsen and Sam Dakin, alongside Bronwyn Hall and Simon Wickham, have completed their Final Report to the CNZ Board, documenting the status of the implementation of the TP2024 as at the end of February 2024, at which time the Committee’s tenure ends.

The Boad of Cycling New Zealand, under Chair Phil Holden, has worked alongside the CISC in both full acceptance and implementation of all the recommendations from the 2022 Inquiry, with the same commitment to the TP2024.

The key areas for action included: elevating the role of wellbeing, improving culture and communication; enhancing transparency in decision-making around high performance operations and processes; re-evaluating centralisation; overhauling CNZ recruitment processes and reviewing governance structures and effectiveness.

The Board of CNZ committed to taking all possible steps to cultivating a performance culture that is athlete-focussed with high ethical, integrity and wellbeing standards through a comprehensive programme of improvement.

Most recently, following the full implementation of all aspects of the Plan, the Board of CNZ has resolved to take transformative action in regards the governance of CNZ with significant change moving forward.

CISC reports it is wholly satisfied that CNZ, through its Chief Executive Simon Peterson, management and staff, and under the leadership of the Board, has faithfully addressed the 2022 Inquiry issues and recommendations.

All aspects of the Transformation Plan 2024, which consolidates 36 projects (150 tasks), across 13 themes, derived from the inquiry recommendations, are either completed or underway and set for completion and/or implementation by the end of 2024. These priorities are now being captured into a CNZ Progression Plan to ensure continuation and embedding of initiatives, with check points from time to time.

The CISC commends the CNZ Board, management, and staff for the way they have dedicated themselves to this significant programme of work and diligently completed, tracked and reported these substantial achievements.

CISC also notes the significant collaboration between CNZ and HPSNZ within the cycling high performance programme, and has seen evidence of improved alignment, cooperation, and positive outcomes across key areas of work. It also acknowledges the importance and impact of the support provided by Sport NZ and HPSNZ for the transformation programme.

The Committee has made recommendations on how CNZ might focus on financial and organisational sustainability into the future, building on the platform of progress to date.

Looking ahead, the term for CISC will now end. The overarching focus for CNZ now must be on sustaining the standards in terms of culture, wellbeing and transparency that have been established through the transformation period through to the Los Angeles Olympiad in 2028 and beyond.

It has been a privilege for the CISC to be part of this important work with CNZ and see evidence of the improvements that have occurred over the last 18 months or so. The scope of the work has been significant, and we acknowledge the CNZ Project Team who have been doing the ‘graft’ behind the scenes.

The Committee also warmly thank all of the people who have contributed to the process, in particular, the CNZ and HPSNZ personnel, as well as the entire cycling community for their ongoing support and engagement through 2023/24 in this critical piece of work.

Warm regards,


Hon Kit Toogood KC, Chair of the Cycling Integrity Steering Committee (CISC)

Kereyn Smith, Transformation Director CNZM


CISC Final Report to the Board of CNZ

Phil Holden Chair Cycling NZ Statement

December 2023

Update from the Cycling Integrity Steering Committee (CISC)


The Cycling NZ Integrity Steering Committee (CISC) is pleased to report on the continued progress towards transforming the culture of Cycling New Zealand (CNZ), as we approach the end of 2023.

Our in-person meeting on 12 December 2023 at the Grassroots Velodrome in Cambridge enabled a further opportunity for the CNZ project team to monitor and discuss the progress of the CNZ Transformation Action Plan. The agenda covered a comprehensive status update,including endorsements and approvals from CISC followed by an open forum for robust discussion. CISC also discussed the structure and content of the final report to ensure it will meet the expectations as designated in the committee’s terms of reference.

The key objective of CISC is to provide oversight of CNZ’s actions in response to the 2022 Inquiry Recommendations. The project team have invested significant time and energy to complete the 66 specificprojects (151 in total) for consideration by CISC for Q4 of 2023. This excellent progress reflects the diligent efforts by the project team. The volume of work is due to the completion of key tasks and initiatives that began earlier in the year but required additional time to develop, to ensure they are delivered to a high level. This is important for long-term and sustainable positive culture change and CISC are impressed with the excellent quality of the work achieved to date..

The members of CISC continue to be impressed by the quality of the project teamworkand the achievements in the crucial areas of culture change by the CNZ management and staff, under the leadership of Simon Peterson, Christina Jacklin and Sally Miller.  

Key milestones include the establishment of the Athlete Leaders Group (including development of its terms of reference), revision and update of the HPSNZ Concussion Guidelines, the annual TAPS meeting emphasizing transparency and athlete empowerment, and the publication and development of athlete pathways. (Note: Track, sprint and endurance published online including benchmarking. BMX, MTB, XCO are in ongoing consultation with Member Organisations). In addition, CNZ’s commitment to inclusivity and fairness is reflected in the initiation of unconscious bias training for staff following-on from the well attended Mental Health training.

Below is a high-level overview of the themes and related achievements included in the 66 areas of work for Quarter 4 of 2023, endorsed by CISC and approved by the CNZ Board:

Psychological Safety and Professional Development

• Joint development of a High Performance Programme (HPP) with HPSNZ, focusing on psychological safety.• Professional development programmes tailored for all CNZ personnel to foster a sustainable, wellbeing-focused workplace.

Cultural Development and Diversity

• Collaboration between CNZ and HPSNZ to drive culture change within the High Performance Programme.• Initiatives to enhance diversity and address bias, with training and development for all personnel, monitored by a newly established Board Sub Committee.

Transparency and Education

• Strengthening transparency in CNZ's key decisions and processes.• Providing education for staff to manage and engage in courageous conversations.

Women’s Healthcare and Leadership

• Ensuring equitable access to healthcare for women in the HPP.• Identifying gaps and creating action plans, with benchmarks and evaluations to improve health provisions for female athletes.• Promoting women in coaching, healthcare, and leadership positions through targeted programmes.

Governance and Recruitment

• Revision of the governance structure, including a new Sub Committee focused on people and wellbeing.• A strategic approach to recruitment emphasizing cultural fit and integrity.

Policy Familiarity and Training

• Ensuring comprehensive understanding and application of policies by all CNZ personnel.• Regular and robust training, audits, and clear documentation of policies, including their scope and review processes.

Athlete-Centric Culture

• Emphasis on viewing athletes as individuals first, prioritisng their well-being and engagement.• Regular assessment and reporting of culture within the high-performance programme.• Active feedback mechanisms established for athlete welfare and empowerment.

Collaborative Improvement

• CNZ and HPSNZ identified areas for joint responsibility improvement.• Steps taken to solidify transparency and accountability within organisational operations.

Development and Pathways

• Clarity in the development and pathways process for personnel, with a focus on coach development.• Documentation of healthcare arrangements that respect athlete autonomy and privacy.• Establishment of ongoing policy and practice evaluation mechanisms.

Education and Wellbeing

• Enhanced coach education focusing on issues affecting female elite athletes.• Increased management reporting on wellbeing benchmarks.• Future strategy considerations for the board's interaction with athletes.

Looking ahead, the term for CISC has been extended to the end of February 2023 to enable the committee to complete and present the final report to the CNZ Board and stakeholders, after receiving the last of the regular reports from CNZ on the implementation programme. The extension reflects the breadth and depth of this work and the importance of ensuring it is embedded to achieve long-term successful cultural transformation.

CISC thanks the entire cycling community for their ongoing support and engagement through 2023 in this critical piece of work.

Warm regards,

Hon Kit Toogood KC, Chair of the Cycling Integrity Steering Committee (CISC)

Kereyn Smith, Transformation Director CNZM

September 2023

Update from Hon Kit Toogood KC, Chair of CISC and Kereyn Smith CNZM, Transformation Director

The Cycling NZ Integrity Steering Committee (CISC) is pleased to share an update on the continued progress towards transforming the culture of Cycling New Zealand.

The Transformation 2024 Action Plan (TP2024) forms the foundation of this ambitious and far-reaching drive to transform the culture of CNZ and continue to build trust and confidence with stakeholders. The Plan was developed in response to the 2022 CNZ and High Performance Sport (HPSNZ) Inquiry, and this is the fifth independent update by CISC to stakeholders directly.

The Cycling Integrity Steering Committee (CISC) operates at arm’s length assessing and reporting progress in terms of CNZs tasks that are underway and ready for implementation This ensures a transparent, high integrity, independent assessment of the work plan. Info about the Transformation and CISC can be found at https://www.cyclingnewzealand.nz/about-us/transformation-action-plan/.

September meeting Overview

The September meeting of CISC marked less than four months to a major milestone for the implementation of the Transformation Plan. It is proposed all the projects identified in the Plan will be well progressed, if not completed by the end of December 2023, which is a huge achievement by the CNZ team. The Plan comprised 150 activities, so a huge body of work has been progressed and its implementation tracking positively.

Comprehensive updates were provided by various CNZ representatives during the meeting. It was an especially exciting time following the success of the wider New Zealand Cycling Team at the Glasgow World Championships, an event which demonstrated the progress in the culture and performance of the athletes and wider support team.

Performance Director Ryan Hollows updated directly on the event, the debriefing and next steps towards the Paris Olympics. CEO Simon Peterson presented an organisational overview of CNZ and strategic perspectives. Sally Miller shared the significant progress made in people processes, culture, policy, and values work within the People, Culture, and Wellbeing domain.

Christina Jacklin, Project Team Leader, provided insights into various areas of work including the completion of the Athlete Handbook, a vital resource for our athletes. The document which will be regularly updated has an emphasis on role clarity, transparency, and practical information to ensure a streamlined operational approach to the understanding for athletes and the wider cycling community.

CISC also enjoyed an update on athlete leadership with notable resources like DJ Forbes and Sarah Cowley-Ross mentioned for the work they are progressing with the newly introduced Athlete Leaders Network (ALN). A number of initiatives are underway in the athlete leadership/advocacy space.

CISC Endorsements of Key Tasks from the Cycling NZ Transformation Action Plan:

CISC conducts thorough reviews of all proposed projects by engaging in in-depth discussions and checks. Once endorsed by the CISC, these tasks are then presented to the Board of Cycling NZ for final approval. The projects considered covered the following areas;

o Athlete-Centric Approach: CNZ are deepening the focus on an athlete-centred approach, ensuring all activities prioritise athlete welfare.

o High Performance (HP) Culture: Efforts are in place to cement values, expectations, and priorities about the HP culture within our community.

o Organisational Culture & Bias Mitigation: CNZ is placing significant emphasis on an inclusive culture that diminishes bias and promotes fairness.

o Roles & Responsibilities: In association with HPSNZ, CNZ has outlined distinct roles in the HP programme, ensuring clarity and accountability.

o Athlete Agreements: CNZ is committed to revising athlete agreements, emphasising significant athlete participation.

o Coach Development & Performance Pathways: A commitment to coach training, mentoring, and performance plans, coupled with a review of athletes' performance pathways, will ensure our athletes and coaches get the best support possible.

o Gender Diversity: CNZ is actively promoting gender diversity and inclusion, especially in coaching roles for HP, aiming to break down conventional barriers.

o Event Debriefs: Processes have been established and implemented for stakeholders to effectively participate in post-event reviews which include transparency in outcomes.


Health and Psychology Update:

Dr Rod Corban (Performance Psychologist with CNZ), Dr Sue Robson (HPSNZ Healthy Women in Performance Sport Programme Lead), Dr Helen Fulcher (HPSNZ Female Athlete Health Doctor and Athlete Performance Support Lead) attended the meeting to update on progress in each of these areas, as it relates to CNZ.

Dr. Rod Corban, Performance Psychologist with CNZ, illustrated the vital balance between athlete well-being and performance, noting a positive shift in approach and acceptance of psychology in the CNZ programme. He noted impact due to the coaches' increased openness to psychology's role, which further strengthened the athlete support. He outlined the comprehensive coverage of psychology support for Cambridge based athletes.

Sue's update on the "Healthy Women in Sport" programme highlighted CNZ's active involvement, especially in reviewing policies with a gender perspective and engaging female TAPs riders in cross-sport discussions. The initiative focuses on a holistic view of the female athlete, underpinned by Safety, Voice, and Choice.

Dr. Helen Fulcher discussed the expanded medical support available at Cambridge, emphasising the growth and increased focus in the realm of Female Health. The synergy between HPSNZ and CNZ, especially in the fields of female health, psychological safety, and medical expertise, is a testament to our shared commitment to athlete welfare.

HPSNZ Status Report:

High Performance Sport NZ Director Steve Tew and Legal Counsel Neena Ullal overviewed progress on HPSNZ’s 10-point plan. The 10-point plan represents HPSNZ’s response to the 2022 Inquiry. The implementation of the plan is largely proceeding as envisaged. While it's strategically enduring, CNZ's actions align well with the plan's broader vision, with regular meetings, between both parties, to ensure alignment and completion of tasks.


CISC Conclusion Process:

CISC has its next meeting in early December at which time it will meet with the CNZ Board to conclude and report on the Transformation Plan and its oversight role. The development of an ongoing monitoring framework and plans for sustaining the transformation work beyond the life of CISC will be a priority for the newly created Wellbeing & Culture Sub-Committee, as will the continued alignment of work between CNZ and HPSNZ.

The importance of CNZs governance reforms and an ongoing commitment to strong leadership and oversight of the transformation work is a priority for CISC. This work is reform is underway and will be more fully reported in Q 4.

The Committee and the extended teams are committed to the shared goal of a positive, athlete-centered environment in Cycling NZ. We will continue to work diligently and appreciate the cycling community's unwavering support.



Best regards,


Hon Kit Toogood KC Chair of the CISC


Kereyn Smith CNZM Transformation Director

July 2023

Update from Hon Kit Toogood KC, Chair of CISC and Kereyn Smith CNZM, Transformation Director

We are pleased to provide a further update on Cycling New Zealand’ (CNZs) ongoing response to the 2022 CNZ and High Performance Sport (HPSNZ) Inquiry.

The Transformation 2024 Action Plan (TP2024) forms the foundation of this ambitious and far-reaching drive to transform the culture of CNZ and continue to build trust and confidence with stakeholders.

The Cycling Integrity Steering Committee (CISC) was established and operates at arm’s length assessing and reporting progress in terms of CNZs completed tasks. This ensures a transparent, high integrity, independent assessment of the work plan.

Of the 150 tasks included in the plan, CNZ have now completed, and/or are well progressed with 135 of those tasks, providing a strong platform for reform within the organisation.


June CISC Meeting Overview


The CISC meeting in June represented another significant milestone in our ongoing efforts to positively transform cycling in New Zealand. Projects that have been reviewed and endorsed are then referred to the CNZ Board for ongoing implementation and oversight, ensuing a commitment to standards, ethics and integrity.

Comprehensive updates were provided by various CNZ representatives during the meeting. CEO Simon Peterson presented an overview of CNZ operations and strategic perspectives. Sally Miller shared progress made in people processes, development projects, culture, policy, and values work within the People, Culture, and Wellbeing domain. Christina Jacklin, Project Team Leader, provided detailed insights into the development of new resources and handbooks, athlete onboarding proposals, and presentations on female health projects.

A valuable Q&A session with athletes and coaches in the CNZ track programme took place, focusing on selection processes, communication, and team dynamics. Improved communication, transparency, and robust processes were observed. Athletes and coaches expressed a stronger sense of safety, community, and connection with management. The selection process leading into the World Championships was commended as the best to date, with positive feedback on the use of a strong selection document. Suggestions for improvement included closing the communication loop within the team and enhancing athletes' ability to voice their opinions. Overall, the feedback highlighted the strength of the team culture and the importance of support and safety.

The CISC members emphasised ongoing monitoring, risk identification, and accountability, while discussing processes, frameworks, and policies to ensure robust systems independent of specific individuals.

The proposed Governance Framework, including subcommittees, an advisory group, and updated policies, received attention, with the CISC strongly supporting the proposed refresh of CNZ governance. Recommendations will be implemented following the CNZ June Board Meeting. Aligning tracking with HPSNZ and considering the future were also discussed.

CISC received presentations on the Athlete Performance Pathway progress, with a suggestion to include the involvement of clubs, schools, and the community. Further exploration of CNZ's resource capacity to meet expectations will take place.

As a summary, the following key achievements have been recorded by CNZ and shared with key stakeholders:

· Significant engagement on cultural transformation across CNZ with progress tracked through regular checks

· EAP services continue to be available, Vitae for staff and Instep for athletes

· Alignment between CNZ, CISC and HPSNZ on actions and implementation of the Inquiry actions

· Interventions underway for policy and human resource process reform, athlete engagement, and training

· Transparency and openness emphasised, with positive progress reported by athletes

· Ongoing work to clarify roles and responsibilities, especially joint roles between HPSNZ and CNZ

· Progress on Athlete Performance Pathway document for each cycling discipline.

· Coach pathways are being developed, and refined, with cultural alignment and professional development

· Robust people management processes in place within CNZ, including policies and framework, reinforcing a commitment to integrity standards and wellbeing.

· Athlete support services reviewed and active, including the medical model, women’s health project and psychology model

· New framework for the organisations policies and procedures developed and approved for implementation.

· Athlete engagement and communication reported as high.

· Regular connections between HPSNZ and CNZ on the programme, performance, and funding

· Focus on securing additional funding beyond HPSNZ support

· Governance reform proposals approved for implementation by the CNZ Board, including a new structure, subcommittees and updated governance policies

· Updated Senior Leadership Team structure aligned to strategy has been formed.


Next Steps for CISC


The next CISC meeting is scheduled for September 12th. External presenters responsible for transformation projects will be invited to address topics such as psychology, women's health, and cycling-related concussions.

The development of an ongoing monitoring framework and plans for sustaining the transformation work beyond the life of CISC will become a priority in the coming months, as will the continued alignment of work between CNZ, CISC and HPSNZ on actions and implementation.

We appreciate the continuous support and engagement of the New Zealand cycling community and together we are making positive progress in fostering a culture of excellence, transparency, and accountability within CNZ and its operations.

Our commitment remains steadfast in upholding the highest standards and ensuring the long-term success and well-being of our athletes.


Best regards,


Hon Kit Toogood KC Chair of the CISC


Kereyn Smith CNZM Transformation Director

May 2023


I am pleased to provide an update on Cycling New Zealand’s (CNZs) comprehensive response to the 2022 CNZ and High Performance Sport (HPSNZ) Inquiry.

The Transformation 2024 Action Plan (TP2024) forms the foundation of this far reaching and inclusive response, and it is timely to report progress on the cultural transformation that is underway within CNZ.

The Plan was developed as a result of thorough consultation with the CNZ Board, staff, contractors, Member Organisations, athletes, high performance personnel and the wider cycling community.

The approach to the Plan is action-oriented with 36 projects identified within 13 focus areas for CNZ to address and implement by 2024. Work is ongoing within CNZ across all of the areas of action identified.

A key focus is on the wellbeing and performance of the athletes and people within CNZ and its HP programme. A culture based on openness, inclusivity, empowerment, and integrity is fundamental to the success of the transformation work.

This action does not stop at the completion of this plan - CNZ’s commitments and focus on continual, sustainable improvement will be ongoing.


Twelve months on from the release of the Report ALL actions are now underway, and a number have been completed including:

1. Formal apology and acknowledgement by the Board of CNZ and an ongoing commitment to a comprehensive, transparent response. (In Place)

2. Widespread independent consultation and the collating of projects that align with the Inquiry’s recommendations into a Plan of Action to drive cultural transformation. (On Track)

3. The Cycling Integrity Steering Committee (CISC) was established and operates at arm’s length assessing and reporting progress regularly in terms of CNZs completed tasks and projects outlined in the Plan. (On Track)

4. Employment of a new CEO, Simon Peterson, People & Culture Manager (a new role), Sally Miller and High Performance Director, Ryan Hollows. (In Place)

5. Developed an agreed approach of operation with HPSNZ which includes complementary action on respective plans and regular meetings to track and update progress. (In Place)

6. CNZ regularly reporting progress and actions to a wide range of stakeholders including CISC, CNZ Board, Staff, members, and stakeholders including HPSNZ and SNZ as well the New Zealand cycling community. (In Place)

Further to this at its last meeting, the CISC endorsed a range of actions and recommended them to the CNZ Board for adoption and implementation that include:

· An updated approach to CNZ Pinnacle Event Debriefs and Reviews, along with the policies and procedures for selection for pinnacle events.

· An Individual Performance Plan approach for athletes in the high performance programme (i.e. TAPs athletes) which is aligned to the Inquiry recommendations.

· Updates to policy and practise for coach recruitment as well as strategies to increase the number of female coaches. (Progress in this area is aligned to HPSNZ and the cycling community with a range of new initiatives to support female high performance coaches with the likes of Laura Thompson, Elyse Fraser, Rushlee Buchanan and others in the system.)

· A Revenue Strategy outlining opportunities and approaches to growing funding streams including philanthropy, private and public funding which has been developed over recent months.

· Integrity Policies, Processes and Cultural Transformation – The CISC received an independent audit of integrity policies which will now be updated to ensure they are compliant.

We look forward to further progress during 2023 as we implement the strategies and work with CISC to ensure the steps are appropriate and independently assessed.

Updates on the implementation of the Plan will be available online at regular intervals during 2023.

It has been great working with the cycling community to continue the momentum of the Transformation Plan.

Kereyn Smith CNZM



I am pleased to report on the work of the CISC over the last few months.

With the strong foundation through the CISC and the Transformation Action Plan, CNZ is actively responding to the recommendations of the Inquiry while also working to build a best practise environment.

To date CISC has met four times, with the first three meetings focussed on context and understanding of the Inquiry and background; a critique of the Transformation Plan (TP2024); hearing from HPSNZ; establishment of a live tracking and monitoring system (Click Up) and a process for the CNZ team to bring forward evidence of project completion.

The fourth meeting was the first in which CISC received documentation for consideration and endorsement from the CNZ Team. This will now be the focus of future meetings.

It is apparent that the members of CISC acknowledge and understand their responsibilities and are totally committed to carrying them out. Collectively the group bring together a broad range of complementary and relevant experiences which enable a real value to be added to the work of CNZ in critiquing and advising on projects.

“This is a great group. I value the inputs from athletes Sam Dakin and Jaime Nielsen as we consider evidence and an understanding of the performance culture and operation of the NZ programme, especially in high performance.

“Simon Wickham brings a wealth of sports leadership expertise to the group and Bron Hall has valuable prior experience of people and culture transformation.”.

Our future meetings will be focussed on

- Evidence – receive and consider evidence from the CNZ project team on implementation of projects/outputs as outlined in the TP (2024).

- Projects – provided CISC are satisfied with the evidence, we will endorse the projects, or advise on what further information is required.

- Progress – Review overall progress on the implementation plan relative to established timelines and agreed milestones.

- Updates – Confirm approach to updating status publicly.

- Schedule – agreeing on the forward schedule including stakeholder engagement and timing of work for 2023 for CISC.

It is planned CISC will schedule meetings inclusive of athletes, coaches, CNZ and high performance staff, HPSNZ and specialist groups as required.

CISC received an independent audit of CNZs integrity policies and will now oversee the steps to ensure CNZ have a structure and an approach that will ensure ongoing compliance with the standards required.

CISC reviewed work completed on a range of polices and approaches that impact athletes and the high performance programme, including event debriefs, selection approaches, improvement to recruitment processes and diversity outcomes, in particular.

We commend CNZ, especially the Project Team led by Christina Jacklin, on the quality and presentation of the work to date, and the evidence of tangible outcomes and action they have provided.

I am grateful for the invaluable leadership and guidance of Kereyn Smith, CNZ Transformation Director, to date and look forward to her continued involvement in our work.

We will provide an update on our further deliberations and actions after our meeting in June.

Hon Kit Toogood KC Chair of the Cycling Integrity Steering Committee


December 2022

Update from Kereyn Smith, Transformation Director 

I am pleased to provide an update on Cycling New Zealand’s (CNZ’s) comprehensive response to the 2022 CNZ and HPSNZ Inquiry through the work of the Cycling Integrity Steering Committee (CISC). The Transformation Action Plan is key to this, collating projects that align with the inquiry's recommendations after thorough consultation with athletes, staff members, board personnel, HP representatives and others. This action-oriented approach in addressing issues highlighted by the inquiry includes 13 key focus actions that are underway and provide a roadmap for achieving meaningful improvement within Cycling New Zealand.

  • Formal apology and acknowledgement by the Board of Cycling New Zealand
  • A statement of commitment from CNZ to proactively respond to the inquiry recommendations
  • Establishment of the Cycling Integrity Steering Committee with community consultation to develop the terms of reference for this group.
  • Recruitment of the CISC with the appointment of former High Court Judge Hon. Kit Toogood KC as Chair. Athlete engagement, consultation and feedback into the two athlete representatives on this group.
  • Development of the CISC values on how this group will undertake its role in overseeing and supporting positive change across CNZ through the Transformational Action Plan.
  • Review and discussion on the Inquiry Review to deeply understand its content, the implications for the cycling community and how to best lead a response.
  • Design and development of the Transformational Action Plan that captures 13 key focus areas for positive change and includes 36 projects that CNZ has and will deliver in the next 12 months.
  • Recruitment of a new People & Culture Manager by Cycling New Zealand.
  • A full audit of Cycling New Zealand policy and procedure is underway to support best practice across this area.
  • Linkage to other key projects in CNZ including the completion of a Revenue Strategy, updating the Partnership Agreements with the Member Organisations, CEO recruitment alongside ongoing strategy and governance work.
  • Ongoing meetings with HPSNZ, Cycling New Zealand has also been able to stay connected across initiatives to ensure both organisations align their approach.

With a strong foundation through the CISC and the Transformational Action Plan, CNZ is well placed to continue its work in actively responding to the recommendations of the inquiry while also building a best practice performance environment. 2023 will see further progress as the CISC meet regularly and core projects aligned with the Transformational Action Plan are delivered with the community. CNZ will continue to regularly communicate with key stakeholders and the wider cycling community on progress. If you wish to email the CISC directly you can do so on CISC@cyclingnewzealand.nz

Meanwhile it’s been great working with the Cycling Community in 2022. I look further progress and momentum in 2023.Kereyn Smith MNZM

Transformation Director


Message from Hon Kit Toogood KC – 20 December 2022

The members of the Cycling Integrity Steering Committee bring to their roles a broad range of complementary, relevant experience in high performance sport; people and culture management; and the governance and administration of sporting and other not-for-profit organisations in Aotearoa New Zealand. 

It was apparent from an early point that the members acknowledge and understand the responsibilities set out in the terms of reference and are fully committed to carrying them out. It was also evident that there is a high degree of mutual respect among the members, and that the committee’s work will be carried out in a trusting and frank environment. The first meeting of the committee was focused on sharing information about the individual members, the background to the committee’s establishment, and the current landscape in which both Cycling New Zealand and High Performance Sport New Zealand (HPSNZ) are operating. At its second meeting on 1 December 2022, the committee addressed the draft Transformation Action Plan 2024 prepared by the Transformational Director. It approved the Plan with some changes, including emphasising the foundational importance to the transformation of:

 · psychological safety and wellbeing for athletes 

· a performance culture based on openness, inclusivity, diversity empowerment, consultation and integrity 

· transparency in key decision-making on matters such as selection, recruitment, funding, competitions and programme status 

· athlete empowerment. 

The committee also welcomed the involvement of Christina Jacklin, in the role of Project Manager, and engaged in a frank discussion with Steve Tew, Director of High Performance and Neena Ullal, General Counsel, both of HPSNZ. 

Hon Kit Toogood KC 

Chair of the Cycling Integrity Steering Committee