National Champion Jersey Information


Congratulations on your National Title!


National Champions are recognised by the International Cycling Union (UCI) which govern our sport. The information below provides you with the guidelines and regulations regarding the wearing of the National Champions Jersey.



While holding the title, National Champions must wear their jersey in all events in the discipline, specialty and category in which they won their title and no other event. There will be fines imposed if you do not wear the jersey when required. You are also permitted to wear the National Champion’s arm band and collar after you no longer hold your title in the events of the discipline and specialty in which you won it.



Unlike the National team uniform, you can add your riders sponsor’s advertising in the following places:

  • On the front and back of the jersey, in a rectangle 20cm high above area comprising shoulders and sleeves – maximum 9cm in a single line.
  • On the sides of the jersey, a strip 9cm wide.
  • The manufacturer’s label (30cm2) may appear once only on the jersey and once on each leg of
    the shorts.
  • The wearer of the national champion’s jersey shall be entitled to match the colour of his shorts
    to that of the jersey.



All designs must be approved by Cycling New Zealand prior to production. Below are the artwork files for the Cycling New Zealand Fern that must be used and the Cycling New Zealand Logo that we do request is used in the design. We have not shown the fern on the back of the jersey template, but if you wish to have a fern on the back as well as the front, that would be approved.

Please send all designs to Rebekah Cullinane ( for approval.


Subject to availability, additional jerseys can also be purchased by emailing Rebekah Cullinane.


Click HERE for the Cycling New Zealand jersey design template 

Click HERE for the full UCI Guidelines, including the use of sleeves

Click HERE for the Cycling New Zealand logo files