Athlete Development Pathway Overview and Vision

Athletes and hence the athlete development pathways are essential in achieving our High Performance outcomes across all disciplines. The purpose of this plan is to define the stages and flow of athlete development and how you may access and progress through the system.

The High Performance Strategic Plan for 2020-2028 determined that the Athlete Pathway is an essential component of our High Performance system as identified by both athletes and coaches, therefore to achieve our High Performance vision of people driving performance, and performance outcomes, we need to enable clarity and focus on end to end athlete development to achieve performance outcomes.

Our vision is to having a sustainable system for developing and supporting athletes that is visible, aspirational, and inclusive.

The principles underlying this plan are:

  • Ensure sustainability of performance at pinnacle events
  • Provide access to a daily training environment including competition plan that supports athlete development to wards Olympic outcomes
  • A clear and visible pathway of opportunities is necessary, more particularly the transition points through the pipeline to show how that transition might occur.
  • Athletes are vital to achieve High Performance outcomes.

This table outlines athlete development in a very linear fashion for ease of display and understanding, however we know that athlete development is not a linear process, in fact you may access the system at different times, bring differing knowledge, skills and experiences and from that your experience in moving through the system will likely be different to your peers. What is important, is that you understand the attributes you bring, the gaps you may have and how you will plan transition through the pathway. It’s a very individual and dynamic environment. Understanding how skills and attributes can be developed will ensure you are able to meet the requirements of high performance athletes when you arrive in that space.

Pathway timeline