Cycling New Zealand Affiliated Clubs:

Road, Track & Cyclocross (RTX): 

2024 Affiliations are open for RTX Clubs: click HERE to complete your affiliation. 

Our step-by-step guide to affiliation can be found here

Road, Track & Cyclocross 2024 Affiliation Fee: $250


Mountain Bike:

Mountain Bike Club affiliation will be managed directly through the support of MTBNZ in 2024, either via Hivepass or MTBNZ's affiliation Google Form. 

Questions on this can be directed to MTBNZ Treasurer, Gareth Osmond at:


NEW club wanting to affiliate? 

Please complete the NEW CLUB registration form and we'll be in touch. 

Any questions around affiliation for 2024 please contact 




Associate Members are typically organisations who wish to be aligned with Cycling New Zealand but do not fall into the category of a Member Organisational, Member Centre/Region, or Club. While falling outside of these traditional structures within Cycling New Zealand, their activities and purpose support or promote one or more of the cycling disciplines. There is an annual membership fee and all applications will be required to be approved by the Cycling New Zealand Board. 

For more information/criteria on Associate Members, please email 



Cycling New Zealand Club Capability Seminars