International Licencing and Insurance

International UCI Licences are for New Zealand riders who race overseas.

To upgrade your licence to international, please click here

To obtain an International Licence, you must:

1. Be a New Zealand Resident, or reside within New Zealand for at least 6 months of the year;

2. In accordance with UCI regulations, provide Cycling New Zealand with evidence of appropriate insurance cover that meets UCI requirements. Details around these insurance requirements can be found here. Before purchasing international insurance we recommend checking out our 'other things to consider' section below. 

3. Return your Cycling New Zealand International Insurance Declaration form

4. Provide to Cycling New Zealand a suitable photo for your International Licence card. 

Photos are mandatory for all International Licence holders. A photo for your licence card will be requested during your membership registration, or this can be emailed to Photos for licences should be passport/driver’s licence style with NO hats, helmets, sunglasses, or goggles present. 


The UCI Cycling Regulations relating to International Licences (1.1.011) state that the licence should be taken out in the country where you have your main residence, so it is possible for you to be licenced by another federation.
If you're a citizen of another country and do not hold New Zealand citizenship then we need to make sure the UCI ID is linked to your nationality. If you've already received your licence and your nationality is incorrect please email

Insurance Requirements

In accordance with UCI guidelines, Cycling New Zealand will not issue a rider an International License until proof of appropriate insurance cover has been provided.

According to UCI Cycling Regulations (1.1.022), appropriate insurance should include:
  • Insurance for bodily injury (in and out-patient hospital expenses and medical care, transport costs, permanent disablement, death) and material damages (loss of earnings) in case of accident on the occasion of a cycling competition or during training.
  • Third-party liability insurance for material damage or bodily injury caused to others in the course of a competition or cycling event or during training.
Riders must provide a copy of their insurance certificate before their license will be issued and may be asked to provide confirmation in writing from their insurer that specifically states that the policy they hold provides medical cover and personal liability whilst cycle racing and training outside of New Zealand.
It is important to understand that international licences are only valid when accompanied with travel insurance that meets UCI requirements. Having applied for an international licence with Cycling New Zealand you have provided documentation indicating you have obtained appropriate international travel insurance. However, it is the holder’s sole responsibility to ensure that this insurance meets requirements and that appropriate international travel insurance remains current for the times that you are overseas and are intending to utilise the international licence. Holding a valid International Licence without any valid insurance policy does not provide you with any cover.


Other things to consider and discuss with your insurance provider: 

  • Are you considered a professional or amateur rider? (some policies may not cover you depending on your status)
  • The amount of insurance coverage required for your racing and training activities (i.e. the $ value of your coverage)
  • Whether you must be in New Zealand prior to the activation of your policy
  • Any exclusions that may result in you being unable to make a claim through your policy


Policy Overview

  • The insurer of this policy is HDI Global Specialty SE - New Zealand, who we already place a number of National Sporting Associations coverage with
  • It is a full travel insurance policy, covering Worldwide (outside of sanctioned countries)
  • It is available for amateur, semi-pro and professional cyclists
  • It is available for youth riders right up until 80 years of age
  • The policy has a limited number of automatically covered pre-existing medical conditions (see policy schedule attached), there is no coverage outside of these
  • The policy period MUST be your full journey (date of departure to date of return)
  • The policy provides you the flexible option to either include or exclude coverage for bikes/components.  Bikes can now be covered right up to $25,000 (see below)
  • The policy has unlimited medical for non-cycling injuries, this is restricted to
    • $250,000 Medical Expenses for cycling related injuries
    • $500,000 Medical Evacuation Expenses for cycling related injuries
    • There is a $1,000 excess applied to all cycling injury related claims


Cost (please note costings below are indications only)

To provide simplicity and flexibility the policy is provided at a flat per-day cost of

  • Standard Cover Per Person (per-day): $30.00 NZD
  • Additional Bicycle and Components cover: $20.00 NZD daily rate per person (in addition to standard daily premium)

Example: 21 day journey would cost

  • Standard Cover (no bike covered)                           21 days × $30.00 = $630.00 + Aon Admin $48.87 = $678.78 (including $6.37 GST)
  • Cover Including Bike                                                   21 days × $50.00 = $1,050.00 + Aon Admin $48.87 = $1,098.87 (including $6.37 GST)


Bike Excesses

Optional Extension: Bicycle and Components Endorsement

Where an Insured Person has paid the additional Premium and Additional Cover for 'Bicycle and Components' is included on their Certificate of Insurance, it is hereby noted and agreed that the Baggage Benefit under this Policy is extended to cover loss or damage of Bicycle(s) or Components Only which accompany the Insured Person on a Journey, subject to the following terms, conditions and exclusions:

a) an Excess applies as follows:

  i. Bicycle value up to $5,000. Excess $1,500; or

  ii. Bicycle value $5,001 to $10,000. Excess $2,000; or

  iii. Bicycle value $10,001 to $15,000. Excess $2,500; or

  iv. Bicycle value $15,001 to $20,000. Excess $3,000; or

  v. Bicycle value $20,001 to $25,000. Excess $3,500; or

  vi. Component Only value up to $5,000. Excess $750; and

b) the Benefit is limited to a maximum of $5,000 for Components Only


What to Do Now?

If you would like a confirmed quote and have a policy/certificate issued, please email by completing the below table in full.


Name of Cyclist (insured)


Date of birth of Cyclist


Name/Business for Invoice (if different from name of cyclist)


Address for invoice


Contact Telephone Number


Email Address


Date of Departure


Date of Return


Add extra cover option for Bike/Components

Yes or No

Questions (please free type any policy queries you have)



The AON Hamilton team will then generate the invoice and cover summary to be sent to you.  We will also request your coverage is placed with HDI Insurance who will then issue the certificate of insurance.

Please note, this is not a ‘same-day’ turnaround, so please allow 2-5 business days.


Please contact Kent Hinton with any questions:  

Kent Hinton – Aon New Zealand