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BMX New Zealand

BMX New Zealand (BMXNZ) and Cycling New Zealand work closely together to develop the sport of BMX in New Zealand, through promoting participation and membership, development pathways, securing and administering national and international level competition.  
As the Member Organisation for BMX to Cycling New Zealand, BMXNZ represents all members and interfaces with Regions and Clubs nationwide.  The primary point of contact for BMXNZ is the Executive Officer, Dion Earnest – email admin@bmxnz.co.nz.
BMXNZ Board Results and Start Lists
Rules and Regulations BMX Selection Regulations
BMX Documents  


BMX New Zealand Board 2016-2017:

Warren Boggiss (Chairman and Major Meeting Coordinator)
Pete Roden (Vice Chairman and Coach/Rider Development)
Caroline Fox (Public Relations)
Bruce Northwood (Special Projects)
Steve Lloyd (Test Teams)
Steve Adair (Health and Safety)
Affiliated Roles outside Board:
Wendy Morrison (Treasurer)
Dion Earnest (Executive Officer)
Chris Taylor (Officiating Director)

Results and Start Lists

2017 BMXNZ National Championships
Click here to view the event flyer. 
For the Supernats flyer, click here.
BMXNZ NQM Allocation
Click here for the NQM allocation for the first 16 NQM race meetings from September to December 2015. *Note the first section covers the 20” results, from page 38 are the Cruiser results.
Click here for the NQM allocation for the second 13 NQM race meetings from January to February 2016. *Note the first section covers the 20” results, from page 30 are the Cruiser results.
2017 BMXNZ South Island Titles
2016 BMXNZ North Island Titles Final Results
BMX New Zealand National Series 
Click here for the final standing of the BMXNZ 2016 National Series. Awards will be presented at the 2017 BMXNZ National Championships in Te Awamutu
2017 BMXNZ Dalliston Corporate Team Trophy
The Dalliston series is a hotly contested series that runs throughout the season. Teams of 5-8 riders are sponsored by businesses involved in BMX racing. The riders work as a team to aggregate the highest number of points over a set number of events.

Organisational Documents

BMXNZ Risk Management Plan for ClubsThis is a generic RMP for clubs to customise for their needs & review as needed.

BMXNZ Documents

BMXNZ Newsletters
Click here to read the latest BMXNZ newsletter

UCI BMX Documents

If the document you require is not listed here, please email info@cyclingnewzealand.nz