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Event Calendar


BMXNZ and its Member Regions/Clubs set the sanctioned event calendar each year at the BMXNZ AGM.

The structure of the events is driven by the summer season and daylight savings in New Zealand which is roughly September to April. The BMXNZ Major events locked into defined weekend every year, followed by the Regional Championships, all local events follow on around these.

All events are run by the sport volunteers, as BMXNZ has no employees, the sport pulls together at many levels to manage the different events in the calendar, there are National, regional & local groups of event officials, run by a National Officiating director and Major Events coordinator. These groups work with the host club to manage all needs of an event.



BMXNZ National Championships

18th/93th March 2023, Tauranga BMX Club, Tauranga.                                                                                                                    Elite and Age Group Nationals including the BMXNZ National Series round


BMXNZ North Island Titles

22nd/23rd October 2022, Taupo BMX Club, Taupo.                                                                                                                    Elite and Age Group including the BMXNZ National Series and National Teams Series rounds


BMXNZ South Island Titles

7th/8th January 2023, Dunedin BMX Club, Dunedin.                                                                                                                    Elite and Age Group including the BMXNZ National Series and National Teams Series rounds




Oceania Continental Championships
2023 Rotorua BMX Club, Rotorua
UCI Championship and Challenge licence event


UCI BMX Racing World Championships
2023 Glasgow, England
UCI Championship and Challenge World Ranking


BMX at the Olympic Games
2024 Paris, France


Entries have now closed for the second and third selection events, for men junior and women junior for the upcoming UCI BMX World Championships. Two males and no females have entered. The events are scheduled at Sunset Coast on Sunday 4 April.

New Zealand has qualified two male and two female starting positions at the world championships. Cycling New Zealand, BMX New Zealand and the selection panel have consulted about the selection events.

The primary selection path is through  finishing positions at a World Cup event. No athletes have qualified this way. The secondary selection pathway is to rank athletes according to their places at three qualifying events.  Those events are the recent BMX national championships and the two selection events. The number of entries creates issues with the need to run the April trial events, with the attendant cost (such as first aid) and risk to the athletes. 

It is proposed that selections be made by the panel on the following bases:

  1. The  entered athletes have demonstrated a willingness to compete at the two April selection events. The fact of entry demonstrates that. 
  2. Entries have now closed. Given the nature of the three selection events, it is not possible for other athletes to qualify for the world championships by the secondary pathway. Selections will be made from the group of athletes entered for the April events and/or National Championships.
  3. The proposal is that the athletes be awarded one point for each of the two April events, on the basis that they would have competed had the events been run. 
  4. Selections for the two male starting positions will be made, based on national championships results and the equal points allocated under paragraph (3) above.

This approach would then mean that  there is no need to run the 4 April events for selection purposes.

All riders that this statement has an impact on, have been consulted in this process. The Sunset Coast club will discontinue preparation for the events if they are not required.