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Cyclocross National Championships

10 August 2024 - 10 August 2024


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Please check the Tech Guide for the event programme.

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Entries will open on Sunday 23 June 2024.


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Entries will close at midnight on Thursday 1 August 2024.

Nationals - Event/Category Entry Fee
UCI categories (Junior, U23, Elite) - must have current CNZ licence with UCI ID $75.95
Non-UCI categories (U15 & U17) - with current annual CNZ licence $53.38
Non-UCI categories (U15 & U17) - with one day licence $75.95
Non-UCI categories (Sport & Masters) - with current annual CNZ licence $75.95
Non-UCI categories (Sport & Masters) - with one day licence $97.30


ACXF Races - Pay on the Day
Everything Goes Race - (Free to race if competing in Nationals Race) Adults $25
Kids $5
Beer Race $10 (Age 18+ only)



Entries are not transferable.

Refunds may be available if a withdrawal is requested in writing prior to entries closing. If accepted a refund of the entry fee less a $25 admin fee will be applied. Requests are to be emailed to southerncrosscx@gmail.com.  

Withdrawals submitted after entries have closed are not eligible for a refund. 



Click here to view a copy of the event Terms and Conditions.



  • All entries (in both UCI and Non-UCI) are required to be a member of a Cycling New Zealand affiliated Road & Track club, Mountain Bike club or Cyclo-cross club.
  • UCI Categories (Elite, U23 and Junior / U19) is open to NZL riders only.
  • Non UCI Categories is open to riders of all nationalities.



  • The National Cyclo-cross Championships races include UCI and non-UCI categories.
  • All entries in UCI categories must hold a 2024 Cycling New Zealand annual licence.
  • All entries in non-UCI categories must hold a 2024 Cycling New Zealand annual license holder or purchase a Cycling New Zealand one-day licence ($20) at the time of entry.
  • All entries (in both UCI and non-UCI) are required to be a member of a Cycling New Zealand affiliated road and track club, mountain bike club or cyclo-cross club.
  • To obtain an annual Cycling New Zealand licence click here.
  • To read the one day Cycling New Zealand one-day licence T&C click here.
  • Note - Huttcross and Southern Cross CX are currently the only two Cycling New Zealand affiliated Cyclo-cross clubs.

Cross Fest events: No race licence required.


Please note: If you already hold a Cycling New Zealand licence and would like to update this to list your Cyclo-Cross club, please contact membership@cyclingnewzealand.nz and we can assist you in doing so.

Read the Tech Guide for more information on the course.

Please note that this Event is part of the 2025 Cyclo Cross season. As all Cyclocross National Championships are run in advance, UCI points are included in the ranking on January 2025. Therefore the age considered for this Championship is 31 Dec 2025.
UCI Categories

Elite - Riders aged 23 or over (as at 31 December 2025)

U23 - Riders aged between 19 - 22 (as at 31 December 2025)
Junior - Riders aged between 17 - 18 (as at 31 December 2025)
The Elite/U23 Men's and Elite/U23 Women's race will be run as a COMBINED RACE (Only 3 medals awarded). In the case of a U23 winning the Combined Race only one (Elite) National Jersey will be awarded to that rider. 


Junior Women will race with the Elite & U23 Women (unless entries are sufficient enough to consider a separate race) however will be awarded separate medals and the Junior National Jersey. 

There is a separate Junior Men's race and the winner will be awarded the Junior National Jersey.
NON - UCI Categories
U15 - For Riders aged between 13 - 14 (as at 31 December 2025)

U17 - For Riders aged between 15 - 16  (as at 31 December 2025)

Sport- For Riders aged between 17 - 29 (as at 31 December 2025)

Masters 1 - For Riders aged between 30 - 39 (as at 31 December 2025)

Masters 2 - For Riders aged between 40 - 49 (as at 31 December 2025)

Masters 3 - For Riders aged between 50 - 59  (as at 31 December 2025)

Masters 4 - For Riders aged 60 - 69 (as at 31 December 2025)

Masters 5 - For Riders aged 70+ (as at 31 December 2025)
Cross Fest

Everything goes

Combined race - Mountain Bike, Tandem, Single Speed, Tracklocrosss Fixie, CX bikes. Mens and womens - a total of 6 prizes.

Beer Hand Up

Riders aged 18+ on event day. Beer will be provided for competitors in the Beer Hand Up race. Any safe bike.

National Races

  • The event is run under UCI rules and regulations
  • Riders’ attention is drawn to Part 1 and Part 5 for full details:
    • Part 1 – General organisation of cycling as a sport
    • Part 5 – Cyclo-cross
  • A brief summary of key rules and regulations includes:
    • Race rules – refer Section 21 – Race Information of this Technical Guide. For more detail UCI Regulations Part 5, Chapter 1.
    • Rider rules – refer Section 9 – Licencing and Section 18 - Categories of this Technical Guide. For more detail UCI Regulations refer Part 1, Chapter 1 and Part 5, Chapter 1.
    • Bicycle rules – refer to UCI Regulations Part 1, Chapter 3, Section 2: bicycles. Of specific note tyre widths will be checked for all National races.  UCI Regulations Part 1, Clause 1.3.018 states
      “… For the cyclo-cross bicycle the width of the tyre (measured between the widest parts) shall not exceed 33 mm and it may not incorporate any form of spike or stud.
    • For Non-UCI Categories, bicycles must have drop handlebars and a maximum tyre width of 35mm

Cross Fest Events

  • Generally consistent with UCI rules and regulations, however safe bicycles consistent with the race categories can be used.

The event is committed to providing and maintaining health and safety by eliminating or mitigating as far as practicable all risks associated with the event. This is to prevent harm in accordance with the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 (HSWA 15)

The safety of the riders, officials, volunteers and spectators is included in the event planning. This includes (but is not limited to) course inspections, course marking, directional signage, hazard warning signage, communications and first aid provisions.

The event course is designed for cyclo-cross racing and a certain amount of skill is required. By entering this event you are confirmed to have the sufficient level of experience and skill to ensure your own safety. It is your responsibility to manage your own safety during the event, to be aware of other users at all times and to make responsible decisions. There is course taping in place, however, there may be public and official traffic on the circuit during your race.

The event is held in an outside environment and weather conditions are likely to be very changeable. Please ensure you are prepared for inclement, adverse or extreme (hot or cold) conditions. If you have any questions or concerns regarding health and safety please report to the Event Director or the Chief Commissaire.

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