2024 Membership Options

2024 Memberships and Licences are available to purchase. 

CLICK HERE to register or renew for 2024. 

All licences will be valid from date of purchase until December 31 2024. Please ensure that you select a club from our affiliated clubs lists here for 2024 to proceed with your licence. 

We highly recommend checking out all of the membership & licence options before registering, to ensure you are selecting the right type for you and that all terms and conditions are read before purchasing. 

Changes that have been recently implemented may alter the membership or licence you select.

A few reminders and helpful info!

- If applying for an international licence please have your insurance documents and declaration signed which can be found here to upload to your profile

-When uploading any photo to your licence please ensure that this is a passport standard photo- no hats, glasses etc. otherwise your licence may not be issued 

What type of membership do I need for racing in my club and local events? 

For those wishing to race in club events, a 2024 Sport Membership is sufficient for this level of participation. Race Licence add-on's are available for events succeeding club level. 

Check out our guide for licence requirements per event HERE


Why isn't my club available to select when I try renew my membership with them?

Only clubs that have completed their affiliation for 2024 will be available for joining through the system. If your club is not showing as available, we would recommend getting in touch with them directly to confirm that they have affiliated for 2024. 


How do I access my digital Cycling New Zealand Membership card? 

Click here for a guide on how to view and download your digital licence card. 


My Age Category is showing as Masters, but I want to ride in the Elite category this year, what can I do? 

Flick us an email at membership@cyclingnewzealand.nz upon purchase of your licence, and we can make the change for you!

Note, by relinquishing your Masters age category, you must continue to ride in the Elite Age Category for the rest of the season until your next licence renewal. 


I have purchased my membership or licence, how do I now register for an event? 

Event entry is a separate process to renewing or registering for your licence. You will need to register via the link provided on the Event Page. All National events can be found here.


Why hasn't my International Licence been issued? 

As per UCI Regulations, International Licences can only be issued once insurance meeting UCI requirements has been sighted. More information can be found on the International Licencing and Insurance page on our website. Insurance documentation can either be uploaded via your membership profile, or emailed through to membership@cyclingnewzealand.nz

Please note that these documents need to be reviewed by a CNZ Staff member, and therefore there is a processing time of 2-3 weeks for the issuing of licences. If you require your licence urgently, please note the timeline of this when submitting your documents.


I am having issues with my BMX timing transponder, who can I contact? 

BMX timing transponders are managed by BMXNZ - please contact Dion Earnest at: dion@bmxnz.co.nz 


What are the terms & conditions for being a member or licence holder? 

Terms & Conditions can be found HERE