U19 Women's Road Race - Text Updates

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CNZ Elite Road National Championships 2021 v2

U19 Women's Road Race - Text Updates

We will do our best to provide as many updates as often as they are available to us. Please keep refreshing on the webpage to get the latest updates.


Text Updates:

This morning we have the U19 Women's Road race kicking off! It's a beautiful sunny Saturday morning over here and looking like a great day for racing- 73km of road racing ahead!

Text updates will appear in the latest order

Time Event
 10:02am  Sprint finish for our 3 chasers- results to come!
 10:02am  Finella, Eliana and Ava coming up- Kirsty watts has crossed the finish line
 10:01am  3 chasers coming into the 1km mark to go
10am 1km to go for Kirsty Watts- leading by 23 seconds
 9:57am  23 second time gap
9:56am 3km to go!
9:54am Time gap of 25 seconds
 9:53am  5km to go mark
9:52am Kirsty pushing on the pedals up the hill- trying to maintain the gap!
 9:49am  Lead rider Kirsty watts is starting to head off up the climb
9:47am heading towards the climb for one last time- time gap of 32 seconds lead by Kirsty
 9:43am  Women coming in with 10km to go- Kirsty Watts holding out at the front
 9:42am  Gap has gone out by 25 seconds
 9:39am  Time gap now at 24 seconds
9:37am Time gap of now 20 second- Kirsty still taking the lead
 9:34am  Time gap of 17 seconds between Kirsty Watts and our 3 chasers
 9:31am  Time gap of 15 seconds
 9:26am  Finella leading at the front and pushing the pace along
 9:22am  Second lap completed by our riders- one more to go- a quicker lap on the second time round, 39.30
9:18am 3km to go till we approach the finish line for lap 3. Kirsty Watts out solo by about 50 meters from 3 riders Eliana, Finella and Ava
 9:14am  Over the top of the climb- lead 5 riders starting to put the pressure on- 225, 252 coming up close behind them- passing through the feed zone
 9:12am  Riders about 50m from the top of the climb
   Group gradually starting to stretch
 9:10am  Riders getting ready to head up the hill for the second time
 8:59am 7 riders still ticking along in the peloton- riding around 40 km p/h 
8:56am Peloton of 7 still sticking together
8:51am Fog is starting to lift on the course for our riders
 8:49am  Riders pacing along about 50 km p/h- all riders rolling through nicely
 8:42am Riders approach to complete first lap of three. 7 riders of the peloton in a tight bunch, 4 from back magic still up at the front of the peloton 
 8:39am  Peloton are coming up 1 km to finishing the first lap of the course
 8:37am  Peloton of 7 well dominated by Black Magic
8:36am 2 riders slightly dropped from the peloton- 7 riders still in a tight bunch. 21km covered of the race so far, last 3km of lap one to go
 8:29am  Coming into the steepest part of the climb- riders still altogether
 8:28am  Turning into the start of the climb! Peloton still altogether
 8:26am  Riders are starting approach the first climb/hill of the race
 8:23am  15km into the race of 73.5km- peloton is still together, working at a nice tempo and rolling through- no wind on the course so far
 8:11am  Peloton still riding together in a bunch
 8:05am  Peloton are sitting around 40-42 km p/h
 8:02am Cold start with 11 degrees racing conditions for our riders! but a nice steady start into the rice. The peloton of 9 are working well together 
 8:00am  The U19 Women's road race has started and they are off!



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