BMXNZ is the governing body of the sport and is managed by the BMXNZ Board who are voted in by the 34 member clubs. BMXNZ is affiliated to and a member organisation of the National Cycling Body, Cycling New Zealand. 


BMX New Zealand board
Warren Boggiss - Chairman and Major Meeting Coordinator
Joe Calkin - Vice Chairman and Athlete Development
Steve Adair - Health and Safety + Life Member Panel Chair
Chris Greenough - World & Test Teams + Life Member Panel
Gina Scott - Club & Region Development + Life Member Panel
Darryll Ranford - IT, Media & Communications

Affiliated roles outside Board
Wendy Morrison - Treasurer
Lynda Ardern - Board Secretary
Dion Earnest - Executive Officer
Officiating Director - Tony Nelson
Memberships - Heather McCann
Lee Watson - Systems Architect
Lynda Ardern & Elaine Lucas - Funding
Tony Takurua - Selector
BMXNZ Organisational Documents
BMXNZ Strategic Plan 2015
BMXNZ Constitution 2017.pdf
BMXNZ AGM Documents
BMXNZ Annual Report - 2017 AGM
BMXNZ Annual Report - 2018 AGM
BMXNZ Annual Report - 2019 AGM
Early Specialisation Presentation - Chris Foggin