BMX New Zealand is founded on the true spirit of volunteers. The sport cannot function without the input of hundreds of volunteers doing their part for the greater good of the sport. The names mentioned below are people who have distinctly pulled the sport along with their efforts, above & beyond the normal. BMXNZ honour these people as life members of our sport.

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Dave Pocock
Tony Rika


Dave Pocock
Bob Stevenson
Jean Tawhi
Lionel Knox
Dawne Nelson
Elaine Lucas
Isobel Hooper
Tony (Poppa) Rika
Daphne Teau
Margaret Holding
John Coker
Graeme Schimanski
Ian Mackie
Michael Batterton
Bruce Northwood
Norm McCann
Doug McElhinney
Kathryn Goodwin
Carol Schimanski
Warren Boggiss
Errol Nelson (passed)
Peter Coughlan (passed)