Cycling New Zealand’s Event Certification is a program to support and recognise cycling events (across all codes and levels) that are demonstrating a safe and fair environment for riders, volunteers, officials, spectators, supporters and the public.

It is the intent of the program that events that receive certification will provide a level of assurance to stakeholders (including riders, volunteers, officials, spectators, councils, funding agencies) that the event understands and complies with the relevant laws and regulations and utilises best practice event management. Please see the Terms and Conditions and license agreement for more information.

The program is supported by key documents (Including Event Organisers Toolkit, Rules and Regulations, Guidelines and Event Resources) that are available for all organisers to access to assist with their planning.

Launched in August 2018, this program and its components will be reviewed annually to ensure that best practice Event Management and sports delivery is being maintained.


  • To provide event organisers with a positive and beneficial programme to enable them to support Cycling New Zealand

  • To offer recognition and value to event organisers who demonstrate safe and fair event planning and delivery

  • To offer recognition to event organisers who support Cycling New Zealand and Cycling New Zealand’s members

  • To support the development and enhance the quality of events

  • To give a level of assurance to participants (riders, volunteers, officials, spectators or supporters).

  • To give a level of assurance to stakeholders such as councils and funding agencies

  • To be able to identify and assist with the management of events on the New Zealand calendar

  • To enhance the visibility of events that support competitive racing structure, rider development and high-performance objectives

  • To develop meaningful and closer relationships with Event Organisers




Type of Event

Cycling New Zealand Recognised Event

Aimed at recreational/fun ride events where riders are not required to hold a licence.

Cycling New Zealand Sanctioned Event

Aimed at competitive events where riders are required to hold a valid licence.

UCI Sanctioned Event and National Championships

International and National Championship level competitive events for licensed riders registered on the UCI international calendar


Click here for more detail on requirements, benefits and costs or here for an application form.