The Pathway to Mastery

Mastery is often stated as having comprehensive knowledge or skill in a particular discipline. As a cyclist, your ability to master the skills and technical requirements of your discipline are key attributes of performance.

The pathway of a developing athlete is not a linear process or journey. It’s a very personal pathway that reflects your age and stage of readiness.

The skills matrices below demonstrate the progression of core skillsets that enable mastery of specific functions, ensuring consistent delivery and performance. The progression of skills shouldn’t be considered as linear, you may progress through some skills quickly, while others take you longer to master. The development of skills will ebb and flow as you develop as an athlete and will enable critical, sport specific functions to be mastered. The outcome of these developments is that you have the attributes of performance that support performance at your highest level.

We know that, as a young rider you want to see and feel yourself improving, developing competence or getting better is one of the primary ways you can have “fun” in sport. Focusing on learning the skills and attributes of cycling will see you on the path to improvement and mastery which is an important aspect to ensuring a lifetime in sport.

Track Cycling Skill Aquisition v2
Road Cycling Skill Aquisition
MTB Skill Acquisition v2
BMX Skill Acquisition v2