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2021 Vantage Elite Road National Championships Course


Check out the courses for the 2021 Vantage Elite Road National Championships in Rotorua on the virtual cycling platform; FulGaz.

Time Trial - Click here
Road Race - Click here


Please follow these step by step instructions:

(Or if you already have the app, skip straight to step four)


Step One:

Download the FulGaz app on your smart phone, tablet or laptop.


Step Two:

Create an account.


Step Three:

Follow the instructions to connect the app to your smart trainer.


Step Four:

Click on your settings on the top right corner, scroll down and click on FulGaz Subscription. 

Add the promo code: 20CNZ20

This promo code gives you access to the Cycling New Zealand folder, and it will also give you a free 30-day trial with FulGaz.


Step Five:

Go back into the FulGaz app, stay in settings, scroll down and click on Update Ride List.


Step Six:

Head back into your main menu and you will have have access to the Cycling New Zealand 2021 Elite Road National Championships folder, where you can ride the courses for the 2021 event in Cambridge.