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18 March 2023 - 1 October 2023

Cycling New Zealand


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The NRS (National Road Series) will be made up of a series of existing events delivered by clubs and event organisers around New Zealand.

This series is considered a 2023 series and age groups are calculated as at 31/12/2023 (please see FAQ below for more) with U15, U17 and U19 categories being recognised in the overall recognition.

Event Name: ASC Junior Tour

Event Organiser: ASC

Location: Otaua and Aka Aka, Auckland

About: After a successful introduction in 2022, this will be the second year this tour has been run. Auckland School Cycling Club (ASC) is pleased to be able to invite entries for the inaugural iBUILT Junior Tour. The Tour will run over five stages in June. Stages include a hill climb, an individual time trial, a kermesse and two road races.  

Day 1 is based at Otaua Hall Tennis courts
Day 2 is based at Aka Aka Hall

The schedule will be released in the Event Manual shortly, but racing will start at 9am both days and we expect last riders to be finished no later than 4pm.  

There will be a General Classification jersey, a Sprint jersey and a Mountain jersey.

Cost for the five stage tour is TBC.

Date: 17 - 18 June 2023

Race Type: 2 day, 5 stages

NRS Grades: Boys and Girls – U15, U17, U19 

NRS Points Allocated: GC

Website including entry link: Click here                                       

Facebook: Click here   

Event Name: AEC Novice Tour

Event Organiser: Bike Manawatu

Location: Ashhurst, Palmerston North

About: Established in 1974 by Ian Gray the AEC Novice Tour is an iconic part of the Junior cycling scene in New Zealand. Held around the roads of Ashhurst, it provides an early season racing opportunity for U15 – U19 riders. Over the years the Novice Tour has given great experience to young riders many who have won the tour and then gone one to become well recognized riders by winning national and international events. 

Date: 5 - 6 August 2023

Race Type: 2 day, 3 stage Tour

NRS Grades: Boys and Girls – U15, U17, U19

NRS Points Allocated: GC

Website: Click here

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Event Name: Ultimo CHB Junior Tour

Event Organiser: Cycling CHB

Location: Waipukurau

About: The Ultimo CHB Junior Tour on the 26 – 27 March 2023. Organised by the Cycling CHB Club this event will see riders take on a Hill Prologue, and two challenging Road courses through the sunny Waipukurau region. 

Date: 9 - 10 September 2023

Race Type: 2 day, 3 stages  

NRS Grades: Boys and Girls – U15, U17, U19

NRS Points Allocated: GC

Sponsors: The tour is proudly sponsored by Ultimo Clothing, Hatuma Lime Company and Pukeora Estate (check out their accommodation options a number of supporting sponsors. Please see the website for more details and supported these sponsors when you can.

Website: Click here                                           

Facebook: Click here 

Event Name: Yunca Tour

Event Organiser: Cycling Southland

Location: Invercargill

About: First introduced to the region in 1984, the Yunca Tour has progressed significantly throughout the years and with the fine commitment by the event’s major sponsor – YUNCA - accompanied by a dedicated team of volunteers, has ensured the longevity and undoubted success of the event.

Date: 29 September - 1 October 2023

Race Type: 3 day, 6 stage Tour

NRS Grades: Boys and Girls – U15, U17, U19

NRS Points Allocated: GC

Website: Click here

Facebook: Click here

Event Name: Tasman Junior Tour

Event Organiser: Tasman Wheelers

Location: Nelson


Who wants to be the next George Bennett or Niamh Fisher-Black?

The Tasman Wheelers are a strong and dedicated club with an awesome pedigree of past and current elite riders, this region is well known for its fantastic climate and outstanding roads and the club are committed to creating an event that continues to support junior riders in and through the sport. 

The Wheelers are committed to running a safe and successful tour.

A versatile event with great stages for the sprinter, and the climber.

Date: Cancelled

Unfortunately organised have to advise that we will need to cancel the Junior Tour for 2023 due to only 11 entries and commitment from others that has not eventuated. This is a huge disappointment, and a difficult decision given all the hard work by many. 

All those who have entered will be refunded the entry fee. Those who still intend to come to Nelson for the weekend are welcome to join our club race, and depending on the numbers we will consider holding a Time trial race in the morning. Again, This has not been an easy decision. We apologise for any inconvenience, and look forward to 2024 to continue our Junior Tour event 

Race Type: 3 stage event - Time trial, and 2 x road circuits

NRS Grades: Boys and Girls – U15, U17, U19

NRS Points Allocated: GC                                      

Website: Click here                                         

Facebook: Click here                                         

Instagram: Click here       

Email: race@tasmanwheelers.co.nz



Points will be awarded for each event in the series using the following points system. 

Race Classification (GC) – Tour and One day Races
























In the event of a tie for first, the highest-placed rider in the final race of the most recent series race shall take precedence.



2023 Series Current Overall Series Results - at 8 August 2023 2023 Results
2022 Series Final Overall Series Results 2022 Results
Final KOM/QOM Results 2022 Results
Final Sprint Results 2022 Results
2020-2021 Series Final Overall Series Results 2020-2021 Results

Please see the Event Organisers website for individual race results.

Some Changes in 2023:

In looking at the series over the past years, we don’t see that have NRS title is adding as significantly as we would all like. So stepping more into the background looks like it will be a better option. Noting that this doesn’t impact the racing in any way, each race it its own entity. Please read below to understand a few changes that have been made for 2023.


Who is Eligible? 

All NZL riders in the following age groups (as at 31 Dec 2023) are eligible to take part:

U15, U17, U19

While events are encourage to continue to offer an U13 grade to provide an introduction to the sport for this age group, this grade will not be recognised through the national series. Those more competitive riders from this age group are eligible to enter the U15 grade to be considered for national recognition. 

Events are also encouraged to open the U19 women’s grade to domestic level U23 riders who are looking for more competition opportunities to continue their participation in the sport and their development. While each application will be considered on a case-by-case basis, consideration will be given if a U23 rider will add and gain value to the experience and supports the objectives of racing in the U19 field. These U23 riders must race in restricted gears, will not be eligible for U19 points or jerseys and may not receive podium prizes depending on the organiser.

If you are an U23 rider who is interested to take part in an NRS event(s) please email us to apply and be considered. 


How are age groups calculated?

The series is regarded as the 2023 series and as such ages are calculated as at 31 December 2023.
Each event will offer a minimum of one of the following grades: U15, U17 and U19.


What gearing do I ride?

Gearing will be in line with Cycling New Zealand RTX Rules with riders riding the gear of their 2023 age group (unless you have applied for a derogation - see above)


What licence do I need?

Riders will be required to hold a Sport Membership to compete for their club.


How many races do I have to do?

Riders are encouraged to race one or more events with riders gaining points from their best two results for the overall series recognition.


How are the points awarded?

Points will be awarded for each event in the series using the points system under the points system tab. The overall series winner is awarded to the rider that scores the most series points taking into account their top three best results considered for the overall series recognition. In 2023 the points system has been simplified, we don't believe this will affect the overall outcome.

In the event of a tie for first, the highest-placed rider in the final race of the most recent series race shall take precedence.

Top three overall riders in the series categories (U19, U17 and U15) will be recognised as National Series Champion and podium place getters. There is no recognition for U13; this can be done by each event at their discretion.

At the time of entry, riders will be able to nominate their CNZ affiliated club or CNZ affiliated trade team. There will be recognition of each of these categories throughout the race series.


Series Leader Jerseys:

There will be no series leader jerseys in 2023 and no jerseys awarded at the end of the series, the 2023 series is all about participation. CNZ are trying to simplify the competition in the hope more riders will engage in the series and take part making racing more meaningful.


How do I enter?

Entries are made by the individual to each event as determined by the event organisers. Entries are subject to the terms and conditions of each organiser. All entries into the official events are considered for the overall series points and titles.