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NZ Track Records









Track Record Attempts

Click here for more information on National and World Record Attempts.


Past National Road Cycling Champions 

National Road Champions: 1994 - 2020


Ultra Cycling Recognition

Cycling New Zealand record achievements of ultra-distance rides, such as 24-hour velodrome attempts and point to point rides (typically greater than 200km). These are NOT New Zealand records, but a recognition of the ride and an official recording for posterity.

Click here for more regulations (see CNZR&T Reg 34.4 and 6.2.1)

Click here for current achievements.

Click here for criteria and an application form for new attempts.

We acknowledge that the current achievements are not complete.  If you have a historical achievement to submit please contact events@cyclingnewzealand.nz 


Cycling New Zealand Road and Track Council (CNZRT) and Cycling New Zealand work together to grow and develop road and track cycling, through promoting participation and membership, development pathways, securing and administering national and international level competition.  

As the sports’ member organisation, CNZRT represents members and interfaces with Clubs and Centres regularly. CNZRT has a volunteer-based executive, where members are either voted-in or co-opted.  The executive meets regularly throughout the year; any matters to be raised with CNZRT should be directed through a Club or Centre, or raised directly with the Council President.


Cycling New Zealand Road and Track Council Structure:

President - Erin Criglington

Email - erin.criglington@crowehorwath.co.nz Phone - 021 134 2294


Vice President - Brad Tilby

Email - bradtilby@hotmail.com Phone - 021 512 345



Technical Panel - Mark Ireland, Graeme Bell, Olivia Spaans

Events - Andy McKay, Mike Sim, Rachelle Spencer

Athlete Development (incl selection & Hubs) – Brad Tilby, Olivia Spaans, Patrick Harvey + Advisor Garry Bell

Governance (includes Membership)  - Erin Criglington, Rachelle Spencer, Mike Sim 

Diversity in Cycling - Patrick Harvey, Rachelle Spencer, Olivia Spaans

Emerging Platforms - Kim Hurst, Brad Tilby

Discipline Leads (to ensure that the Panels are considering all the disciplines of the sport): 

Track Lead - Erin Criglington
Road Lead - Brad Tilby
Cyclocross Lead - Kim Hurst


Co-opted Councillors

Mark Ireland: Email - mark.ireland@xtra.co.nz Phone - 0274152863

Kim Hurst (Cyclocross Representative): Email - tommi_steeles@hotmail.com Phone - 021 0261 6748

Mike Sim (Immediate Past President): Email - M.Sim@gns.cri.nz 


Regional Delegates

North Island 

Olivia Spaans: Email - olivia.spaans@gmail.com Phone - 0274 141 605

Andy McKay: Email - theandym17@gmail.com Phone - 0274797091

South Island

Brad Tilby: Email - bradtilby@hotmail.com Phone - 021 512 345

Rachelle Spencer: Email - spencerbr@xtra.co.nz 


Council Advisors

- Steve Hurring

- Garry Bell


Cycling New Zealand Road and Track Centres

For the purposes of administering the Sport, CNZRT is divided into the following districts:
AUCK Alex Cutler         cyclingauckland.inc@gmail.com      
NORT Arwen Paige              secretary@bikenorthland.co.nz                 027 439 4079
CANT Leanne Creighton      cyclingcanterbury@gmail.com         027 254 1010
OTAG Louise Kennedy         info@cyclingotago.co.nz                  027 473 0182
ECNI Ray Brown                  ecnicentre@gmail.com                      022 036 9339
MSCC Graeme Howes         howcyc@xtra.co.nz
SOUT Janine Smail              office@cyclingsouth.org.nz               03 219 9325
WBOP Graeme Bell              gabell@xtra.co.nz                             0274953553
WELL  Luke McDermott        lukewmcdermott@gmail.com           0276005275                                   
WCNI Kim Anderson             secretary@wcni.org.nz                    0272972009
TSMN Duncan MacKenzie    duncandoit@gmail.com                   021377317