The importance of Mental Health and Wellbeing in Sport

Our mental health plays a major role in how we think, feel and act. With the added stress of COVID19 it is easy to, and perfectly normal to be feeling stressed and anxious.

Just as you would take care of an injury, it is important to take care of your mental health and general wellbeing. This can be as simple as going for a ride to clear your head or talking with someone you trust.

Find ways and activities that help you decompress and take a break, ensuring that your mental health is just as good as your physical health. 

If you, or someone you know could use some help check out the links below, they are by no means an exhaustive list but are a great place to start. 


High Performance Sport New Zealand's 2024 Strategic Plan aims to 'ensure the right balance between wellbeing and the requirements of elite sport'.

You can view their strategy here.

These free, virtual community events are aimed at supporting wellbeing in real-time — to help you connect you with others, learn and practise new skills, and start looking at things differently.

Whakatau Mai: The Wellbeing Sessions

Just a Thought's online courses help by teaching you practical skills to cope with stress.

Just a Thought

If you are feeling upset, please reach out to tell someone how you are feeling. You could talk with your family, friends, parents, guardian, care-givers or someone who can trust. You can also call any of the following numbers. They are free and confidential:


If it is an emergency and you feel like you or someone else is at risk, please call 111.