4 Elite & U23 Men's Road Race - Text Updates

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CNZ Elite Road National Championships 2021 v4

Elite & U23 Men's Road Race - Text Updates

We will do our best to provide as many updates as often as they are available to us. Please keep refreshing on the webpage to get the latest updates.


Text Updates:

 Our Elite Men's and U23 Men Road Race! 8 laps of our circuit today! Conditions here in Timaru are still and clear- a great day for racing!

Time Event details
 3:29pm  Sprint chase to the finish line, Aaron Gate crosses the line first with Corban Strong and Lauren Pithie! More results to follow
 3:25pm  5 leading riders- just about to pass the 3km mark. 100 meters behind we have rider 10 in close
 3:23pm  6 riders at the front- riders 31 and 14 went off on the hill
 3:18pm  Leading 2 riders and 17.5 seconds back is our chasing 6
3:11pm Lead 2 riders are 32 seconds ahead of our chasing 6
2:58pm Lead 2 riders have 37 seconds on the chasing 6
2:55pm Leading 2 riders have a 25 second lead ahead of the following chasing 6
2:54pm Riders coming up to the line- 1 more lap to go
2:52pm 2 leading riders now
 2:43pm  Lead riders are 1 minute 2 seconds in front of our chasing 6
 2:37pm  Time gap of 1 minute between front 3 and chasing 6
 2:34pm  Leading 3 riders, 1 minute ahead if the chasing 6
 2:32pm  Lead 3 riders are 52 seconds ahead of our chasing 6
2:27pm Leading group of 3 are 52 seconds ahead of the chasing 6
 2:22pm  1.6 gap at the finish line
 2:20pm  Main peloton up the hill
 2:18pm  Lead riders are 48 seconds ahead of the chasing bunch
 2:14pm  Guy Yarrell still riding stand alone behind the 6 chasers 
 2:14pm  Chaser of 6 riders in close behind
2:!3pm 3 riders up the top of the hill- Riders 31, 9 and 14 at a strong chase
 2:04pm  Lead group of riders, riders number 14 and 31 have gone off the front- holding a 200m gap. Rider 9 chasing
 2:00pm  Leading 10 riders are going head to head with each other- flying along at around 60 km p/h
 1:56pm  Front group attacking each other, not letting anyone get away
1:50pm Leading group of 10, 4 minutes rider 120, 5 minutes 40s and couple of riders, main peloton at 6 minutes 
 1:47pm  Leading rider has now been caught- pace is on at the front, strung out single file 
 1:45pm  After feed station rider 13 off the front, other 2 groups have merged. 9 chasers. 
 1:40pm  Leading four riders 22 seconds ahead of a chasing 5
1:35pm Gap between lead and chase group is 40 seconds, approaching the bottom of the hill
 1:31pm  9, 11, 14 and 25 are being chased by riders 1, 8, 10, 13, 22, 31 and time gap of 55 seconds 
   Gap between our leading two groups, 55 seconds
 1;28pm  4 leading riders are 1 minute 5 seconds ahead of the 6 chasers 
 1:24pm  1.20 lead now from the front to the chasing group
 1:19pm  1.22 between the first two groups- starting to catch

 1.33 leading riders, 6 chasers behind- Riders 22, 31, 10, 8, 13, 1in the chase at the front. Guy Yarrell close behind.

2.53 we have a lone leader, followed by the main peloton

   At the top of the hill- 14, 25, 9 and 11 two others leading up the front
 12:52pm  Lead bunch of 4 riders, 2.19 ahead of the main peloton- 4 to 5 riders trying to get up to that lead group
 12:50pm  2.2 on the last turn from the peloton
 12:37pm  4 up at the front just passed the line- 5 laps to go! 11, 14, 9 and 27 at the lead
 12:36pm  Riders at the front of the main peloton have a 20 second lead- coming up to the line for the next lap
 12:34pm  At the top of the hill, a few splits with 4 off the front, one main group then 30 seconds back another chase group
 12:28pm  Group of 10 riding the hill, peloton approaching the bottom 25 seconds behind
 12:26pm  Lead group, 6 seconds the chase group then 14 seconds the peloton
 12:24pm  Group of 6, another 6 chasing then the peloton
 12:23pm  Group of 6 riders just going off the front of the peloton
 12:19pm  Couple of riders starting to break away from the front of the peloton
12:14pm Peloton is all back together
 12:11pm  10 second gap between our two groups now
 12:10pm  Lead group on the road has merged
   14 second gap we then have 31 and 11. then a 3 second gap we have 29, 30, 13, 14, 109, 7, 131, 9, 26
 12:08pm  First bunch over the line we have riders 120, 117, 1, 8, 28, 10, 124 and 114
 12:05pm  Riders have come across the line again, onto the next lap
 11:54am  Lead riders have a 30 second lead over the peloton
 11:49am  Leading group of riders have a 20 second lead over the peloton
 11:45am  7 second gap of riders off at the front
 11:44am  Pace is on now- group of 5-6 at the front and more trying to push through
 11:42am  3 riders now off at the front, BH, Southern Cross and Oxford Edge
11:40am Pace has eased off in the peloton- allowing 2 riders up at the front
11:38am Peloton all together- riders still trying to break off up at the front
 11:36am  Lone rider still up at the front
 11:36am  2 more riders trying to bridge across to the front 
 11:35am  MitoQ riding off the front
   32.37 for the first lap
 11:32am  3 riders at the front- Oxford edge and MitoQ taking the lead- strong pace after the first lap
 11:31am  Riders approaching the line to complete their first lap
 11:30am  Peloton in single file chasing down the lead rider
 11:29am  Time gap of 20 seconds between lead rider and peloton
 11:26am  Solo rider off the front is 28 seconds ahead of the peloton which is in tack- Rider 126 leading the pack
 11:25am  1 solo rider off the front, peloton in tack
 11:24am  Rider attacking going up the hill
 11:23am  MitoQ and quality foods leading off at the front by about 50 meters 
 11:20am  Peloton all back together
 11:20am  Approaching another corner- peloton is bringing back those 5 riders that were away
 11:19am  2 more riders trying to bridge across the gap to the front 5
 11:17am  4 riders 200 meters in front of the peloton now
 11:16am  3 riders still pushing out at the front
 11:15am  3-4 riders off the front at 20 to 30 meters
 11:14am  Pace has eased off- peloton still all together, 2 riders trying up at the front
 11:13am  Riders still trying to break away to the front- peloton strung out a bit more
 11:10am  MitoQ pushing to drive the race
 11:10am Pace picking up after the corner, riders pacing towards the front
11:07am Sitting on over 60 km p/h, peloton all still together
 11:05am  Peloton still in tack- riding along at 70 km p/h
 11:04am  Peloton all together
 11:02am  Two riders starting off at the front- peloton letting them go- MitoQ and Southern Cross racing in the lead
11:00am The U23 and Elite Men are off! 196km begins!



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