Elite & U23 Women's Road Race - Text Updates

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CNZ Elite Road National Championships 2021 v3

Elite & U23 Women's Road Race - Text Updates

We will do our best to provide as many updates as often as they are available to us. Please keep refreshing on the webpage to get the latest updates.


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Text Updates:

 Text updates for the Elite and U23 Women's Road Race in Timaru! Weather conditions have started to clear since this morning and looks like the sun is starting to come out.

(Updates will be in order of the latest update)

Time Event details
   Ella Wyllie takes out the race!
 4:58pm  A sprint finish for the 3 riders! Results to come for the U23 and Elite women for those placings very soon
 4:57pm  3 riders inside the 1km to go- chase rider is 20 seconds behind and chasing hard
4:54pm 3 riders up the front together, rider 60 is just 37 seconds behind
 4:48pm  3 riders on the last hill up at the front

111km in- 4 leading roaders are rotating at the front. Riding at 40 km p/h.


Leading 4 riders pushing along nicely

Rider 57 chasing, 56 then chasing
A group of 4 behind chasing rider 56

3 riders then chasing behind 


At the finish line- leading group of four onto the last lap

At 1.09 we have rider 57 behind

At 2.16 rider 56 behind

Rest of riders to come into the line to complete the last lap


A group of 4 riders at the front

Rider 57 chasing at 43 seconds and rider 56 chasing at 1.55 

Approaching the line to complete the last lap


 4 riders- 53, 60, 64, 158 leading up at the front

Rider 57 just dropped off from the hill but not far behind

 1 minute 10 seconds behind of that is rider 56


 Riders 53, 57, 60, 64, 158 in the lead. Rest of group have spread

 3:41pm  5 riders still pacing in the front- coming across the finish with 2 laps to go. 4 minute gap between the bunch
 3:33pm  5 leads in the front of the race with chasers coming in close behind 
 3:18pm  5 leading riders of the bunch 53, 57, 60, 64, 159- 50 seconds ahead of 56 and 155 riders. Rest of the bunch not far behind
 3:07pm Riders 53, 57, 60, 64, 158- 39 seconds ahead of the bunch

Bunch of 5 riders coming up- 53, 57, 60, 64, 158

Next group of 3 riders; 61, 56, 155 

63, 52, 55 close behind

 2:54pm  2nd time up the hill- split into 4 groups 
2:44pm 40km into the race- peloton racing in one big group
 2:28pm  Peloton still in tack at 30.8km
2:20pm Peloton is still in tack- 1 lap down
 2:10pm  Peloton within 3km to go for the first lap
 2:08pm  Peloton is almost all riders- 4 riders lost going up the hill
 2:02pm  Peloton is still in tack
 1:53pm  Rider 63 is now back in the bunch
1:52pm Rider 63 increasing the lead- a 20 second gap 
 1:48pm  Rider 63 has a 10 second gap between the peloton- 10km gone
 1:46pm  Rider 63 has gone off the front, rest of the peloton are riding as a bunch 
1:34pm Peloton cruising along as one unit. Doing 38 km p/h
   5 laps for the elite and U23 women. 122.5km
 1:28pm  The U23 and Elite women are off



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