U19 Men's Road Race - Text Updates

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CNZ Elite Road National Championships 2021

U19 Men's Road Race - Text Updates

We will do our best to provide as many updates as often as they are available to us. Please keep refreshing on the webpage to get the latest updates.


Text Updates:

See below the latest updates for our U19 Men's Road Race, Friday 9th of February kicking off at 9am

Riders are experiencing some slightly wet weather conditions over in Timaru today!

 (Latest from top to bottom)

Time Event details 
   Final riders clear the finish line- look out on the results tab for the final results!
12:07pm Lead 3 riders coming in- Reef Roberts takes the lead! riders begin to follow across the line
   leading riders inside the final 1km- 20 second lead
 12:05pm  Riders 201, 212, 213 are 20 seconds ahead- inside the final 2km mark
   Lead riders inside 3km to go
 12:02pm  201, 212 and 213 at the front- 223, 205 and 206 are chasing right behind
 11:59am  Leaders are inside 5km to go- group of 4 at the front, other 2 chasing hard over the top of the hill
11:58am 6 riders; 201, 205, 206, 213, 212, 223 at the front by 1 minute 22 second lead at 115km gone- climbing the hill now
   1 minute gap to our lead riders 
 11:53am  rider 222 has fallen off the back of the front 6
 11:49am  28 second gap ahead of the peloton
 11:47am  201, 205, 206, 212, 213, 222, 223 at the front- 20 seconds ahead of the chasing peloton
 11:45am  Group sprinting off at the front of the peloton- a group of 7 riders leading at the front
 11:41am  24 second gap between the 3 leaders and peloton group
 11:36am  Time gap is coming down to 35 seconds at 99.5km
11:32am 24kms to go, peloton group has come through. A time gap of 42 seconds from the 3 at the front. Rider 210 lost from the bunch.
 11:31am  Lead group has just come through- 3 riders at the front, Lachlan McNabb leading them.
11:30am Riders coming to the finish line to complete last lap. 45 second lead to our 3 riders at the front
 11:25am  3 riders now have a 1 minute 3 second lead- getting ready to approach the line for 1 more lap to go
11:19am 212, 222, 223 have a 1 minute lead
 11:17am  45 second gap on our lead entry
 11:15am  3 riders at the front of the pack- 40 second lead. 223, 212, 222 are leading
 11:14am  35 second lead for our 4 riders
 11:12am  Bunch of 4 riders have a 26 second lead
 11:09am  Our 4 riders have a 21 second lead at 81.2km. Looks like the peloton is trying to chase 
 11:08am  210, 212, 222, and 223 are our riders off the front. 150 meters off the front of the peloton
 11:07am  4 off front, pace on the peloton is starting to pick up now
 11:01am  77km down, peloton still altogether
 10:58am  Bunch is all riding together after the finish line
10:56am Riders are going across the finish line with 2 laps to go. 3 riders about 30 meters up the front of the peloton- 1 rider lost in the bunch 
 10:48am  Peloton is still altogether- pace has slightly picked up. 3rd time over the hill
 10:39am  Peloton riding all together- ticking along quite nicely
 10:26am  After 55km we have a compact Peloton- 5 riders lost. An up and down pace but travelling around 50km p/h
 10:19am  Peloton all back together
 10:17am  Going through the finish line for lap 3- travelling just over 60km p/h. A good chase to get to the front
10:16am Peloton all back together- approaching the finish line for the second time. A few riders lost on the main climb
 10:13am  Riders 205, 215, 218 have a 3 second lead in front of the Peloton- Inside the 3km on lap 2
 10:12am  At the 3km mark, leader is joined by chasing riders. We now have a group of 3 just in front of the Peloton
10:10am At the feed zone, lap 2, rider 215 is 19 seconds ahead of 2 of our 3 chasers
10:07am Halfway up the hill, rider 215 is 30 seconds ahead of our 3 chasers
10:04am Leader 215 has a gap of 57 seconds from 3 chasers 
10am Rider 215 has a 1 minute 9 second lead- peloton still together with some surges 
 9:52am  Rider 215 has a 1 minute 30 second gap, two chasing riders are back in the peloton and altogether 
9:47am  226 Josh Rowe & 227 Ollie Taylor chasing, off the front of peloton 
9:46am  Rider 215 has a gap of 1 minute 30 seconds ahead of the bunch
9:42am  Rider 215 has a 1 minute 20 lead at 26km. Peloton are all compact
9:40am  Finish line at the first lap- Rider 215 is 1 minute and 2 seconds up the front from the Peloton group who are altogether
9:39am  Full group together, rider 215 up at the front
9:38am  1km mark, rider 215 is 30 seconds off the front. Peloton riders altogether 
9:32am  Rider 215 is still off the front at 15 seconds, Peloton is back together.
 9:27am  The 5 riders in the chase group are 206, 210, 211, 222, 223
 9:25am  Rider 215, 1 minute ahead of Peloton- a group of 5 is now chasing close behind.
 9:22am  Rider 215 still off the front at 30 seconds, 2 chasers tried to catch but are now together with Peloton. Riding along nicely
 9:17am  Rider 215, Max Good, has a 25 second lead in front of Peloton who are altogether

One rider off the front by 30 seconds- rider from Cycling Southland, Max Good. Another rider chasing close behind

 9:10am  Bunch altogether- riding at 41km p/h
 9:06am  Bunch is altogether so far in the race
   The race is under way- 5 laps of the circuit begins- 122.5km of course to complete
  9am  Final race briefing, drizzly weather conditions for our riders. Riders getting ready along the start line.



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