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Elite Road National Championships

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12 February 2021 - 14 February 2021

Cycling New Zealand

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The Elite Road National Championship is New Zealand’s premier national road cycling event, attracting New Zealand’s top professional and amateur road cyclists all vying for coveted National Jerseys and will take place in Cambridge from 12-14 February 2021.

The championships will be the flagship event of the RIDE: New Zealand’s Cycling Festival – which runs from 12 – 14 February in Waipa, featuring both top level competition and a range of community and participation driven cycling events. Cycling New Zealand and RIDE Festival organisers have committed to a three year tenure, with the option to extend for a further year. Changing the location means national titles are contested on a new course, on different terrain, ensuring variety and a fair approach that doesn’t favour one type of rider over another in the long term. It reinvigorates the event for the riders, and also exposes a whole new audience to top level road cycling as our most talented road riders battle it out for national jerseys. The championships will include time trial and road races with full event details, including course details and the official race schedule due to be released in the coming months. 


Entries will open on 1 December.


2020 Pricing: 
Early Entry Fee -  $70 [For entries received by 10th January 2020]
Entry Fee - $90 [For entries received from 11th January – 27th January 2020]
Scratchings received before 27th January may be eligible for a refund. Requests are to be emailed to and if accepted, a refund of the entry fee less $20 will be payable.
Scratchings received after 27th January, the team manager is to supply a written explanation and/or medical certificate to the Commissaires Secretary. Sanctions will be imposed if the explanation is not accepted. No refunds available. 
Please note all riders are required to be represented by a Team Manager. Click here to find out more on Team Managers. 



Time Trial
  • ME Mens Elite Time Trial
  • WE Womens Elite Time Trial
  • MU Mens U23 Time Trial
  • WU Womens U23 Time Trial

Road Race

  • ME / MU Mens Elite & Mens U23 Road Race (Combined race with separate age category medals)
  • WE / WU Womens Elite & Womens U23 Road Race (Combined race with separate age category medals)



  • U23 Category is for riders aged between 19 and 22 as at 31 December 2020
  • Elite Category is for riders aged 23 to 34 as at 31 December 2020
  • Riders older than 34 can opt to relinquish their Masters status for the entire 2020 licence year and then be eligible to compete. Contact for further information.
  • All entries will be required to be approved by the representing centre.



  • This event is the New Zealand Championships and entry is only open to NZL riders (as per your nationality with UCI).
  • A 2021 Adult licence is required for all events.
  • Team Managers and Officials are also required to hold a 2021 Adult Licence with the appropriate endorsement from your centre.


  • The event is restricted to NZL riders who form part of a New Zealand Centre or New Zealand/UCI Registered Trade Team.
  • All trade teams must be fully paid for the 2021 period and registered by 31st December 2020.
  • All trade team members must also comply with individual licensing requirements.


Click here to view a copy of the event Terms and Conditions


Thursday 11 February:
5.00pm - 6.00pm Confirmation of Starters Avanti Room 1 - Avantidrome  
6.00pm Team Managers Meeting    
Friday 12 February:
TBC Elite & U23 Women's Time Trial TBC TBC
  Elite & U23 Men's Time Trial   TBC
  U19 Men and Women    TBC
Saturday 13 February:
TBC U19 Men   TBC
TBC U19 Women   TBC
Sunday 14 February:
TBC Elite & U23 Women's Road Race TBC TBC
TBC Elite & U23 Men's Road Race   TBC



All Centres/Trade Teams are required to nominate a Team Manager (can be a rider or non-rider).
Confirmation of Starters/Race Pack collection will be from 5.00pm - 6.00pm followed by the Team Managers Meeting at 6.00pm on Thursday 11 February at the Avantidrome.
Important information such as confirmation of starters, distribution of race numbers and transponders and any updated race information will be provided at this meeting.  
Attendance by each Team Manager is compulsory and representatives will be required to sign in.
Immediately after the managers meeting all team car drivers wishing to drive in the convoy must be present for a meeting.
Riders Packs will be distributed to one Centre/Team representative (usually the Team Manager), not to individual riders. Riders should contact their Team Manager to arrange collection. Packs will be available for collection from 5.00pm (at the Avantidrome).
The role of the Team Manager includes (but not limited to):
  • Officially representing the centre/team at the event
  • Connecting with all riding centre/team members
  • Ensuring that all riding centre/team members have a current licence
  • Managing the relationship with Event Officials on behalf of centre/team members
  • Attending the Team Managers meeting
  • Collecting and distributing Race Numbers to centre/team members
  • Circulating Event Information to centre/team members
  • Ensuring place getters attend the Medal Ceremony
  • Ensuring riding members have the required information to help them have a safe and fair race.
All centre/teams are required to nominate a Team Manager (can be a rider or non-rider). Please email to appoint your Team Manager.
Centre/Team Team Manager Name Team Manager Email Team Manager Phone
Black Spoke Pro Cycling Academy      
Cabjaks - Castelli      
Cycling Otago      
Cycling Southland      
Mid South Canterbury      
NZ Cycling Project      
Team Skoda - Fruzio      
The Tank Guy      
Velo Project      
Waikato BoP      


RIDE: New Zealand's Cycling Festival will run from 12 - 14 February in Waipa, and will feature a range of community and participation driven cycling events. See here for more information on the festival.




Event Communiques is the official distribution of event information. Please check here regularly for updated Communiques.




As all events take place on open roads, it is a condition of racing that New Zealand traffic regulations are adhered to. It is also mandatory that helmets are worn at any time a rider is on their bike. Riders must keep left and where marked, must not cross the road centre line at any time.


The UCI scale of penalties will apply.
Any fines issued are on the Team and are payable by the Team Manager to the Commissaires Secretary at the event or Centres will be invoiced post event.


Bicycles must conform with current UCI regulations. 
Helmets must be compliant with appropriate NZ Transport Agency Standards for use on open roads, including those used in the Individual Time Trial and must be worn at all times when riding your bike.
All riders will be required to attach timing transponders to their bikes, to enable the electronic timing to operate. These will be provided in the race pack.

Riders Apparel

Riders must only wear their approved Centre jerseys and shorts. Shorts may only display sponsors that are detailed on the rider’s racing licence.
Members of a UCI international trade team or registered NZ registered trade team are permitted to wear their full approved team uniform.
A start may be refused for any incorrectly attired rider.
If you have any queries on this matter, please contact the President of the Commissaire Panel (PCP) or Technical Delegate prior to the event, to avoid disappointment.


If you'd like to be involved in the event, we'd love to have you! Please see here for further details! 


The safety of the riders, officials, volunteer and spectators are included in the event planning. This includes (but not limited to) road restrictions, traffic management and event advisories to the local businesses and residents.


The event takes place a mix of urban residential & commercial areas as well as on rural roads. It is your responsibility to manage your own safety during the event, to be aware of other road users at all times and to make responsible decisions. There is traffic management in place however, the roads are OPEN and there will be public and official traffic on the circuit during your race.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding Health and Safety please report to the Chief Commissaire or to the Race Manager


This is a Cycling New Zealand event.
The Event Delivery Partner is RIDE Festival.
The Race Manager is Nathan Cox.
We would like to congratulate and thank the following Commissaires for their appointment and volunteering their time for the event 
Chief Commissaire - Road Race & Time Trial (PCP) TBC
Technical Delegate    
Commissaire's Secretary  
Chief Judge / Time Keeper  
Moto Commissaires  
Assistant Commissaires  

The championships will be the flagship event of the RIDE: New Zealand’s Cycling Festival – which runs from 12 – 14 February in Waipa, featuring both top level competition and a range of community and participation driven cycling events.

For more on the festival click here.

2020 Results:

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